Saturday, 10 December 2016

Warlord Games Newsletter

Warlord Games end of week feature round-up...

Welcome to the Warlord Games New Releases Newsletter!
Keeping you up to date with all our new releases, deals and a bit of hobby for the weekend.

Strike on Kar'a Nine!

Never played Antares before? Time to get started with a brand new fast paced starter with C3 Concord and NEW plastic Algoryn!

Soviet T-34/ZP!

Rift scientists have created the Zvukovoy Proyekor. Blasting entire platoons on sight the T-34/ZP with its shockwave ensures it remains the ruler of the medium tank class.

Cromwell with Tesla Cannon!

The Cromwell now has the top of the line and deadly Tesla Cannon. The British now have a tank that can deal with the biological and mechanical monsters of the 1947 battlefields.

New PDFs

4 new digital versions of your favourite books hit your computer today!

German Pioniers!

The true combat engineers: 
The go to book on the German Pioniers is here featuring photographs, detailed history and kit artwork.
Infantry & Half track starter!
Create your own Pionier army with a half track plus FREE motocycle.

Eastern Front Infantrymen!

Eastern Front fighters:
Understand what the German Infantryman did on the Eastern Front (1941-45) with these detailed reference guides from Osprey Publishing that include all the written history, photographs and colourful artwork you'll need to get to grips with this theatre.
Gear up for winter right here:
Adapt for the winter on the Eastern Front with these German Grenadiers for Bolt Action.

Pre-order 'Lock n Load'!

Pre-order this deal with exclusives:
Get your Zombie fix with this incredible terrain set, including a brand new set of missions for the Spec Ops to get their teeth into! Contains the full rules, 68 models all the terrain and a Humvee!

The Barbarians are here!

New: A frightful Frostgrave horde:
Twenty highly detailed, multi-part plastic Barbarian figures descend into the frozen realm of Frostgrave, the Fantasy Skirmish Game.
Limited Time Christmas Special Offer!
Warlord brings you 10 great offers to get your Christmas stockings bulging with new armies for the new year.

Army Starter sets!

Head to Head sets!

Band of Brothers Unboxing!

TheWarGamer presents
See what is inside the box for the Band of Brothers 2nd Edition Starter Battle Set!
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