Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Warlord Games Newsletter

Warlord Games usual mid-week round-up...

Welcome to the Warlord Games Wednesday Newsletter, featuring all this week's hobby and other wargaming news. We'll be taking a quick break until the 4th January so here's wishing you a great Christmas!
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Featuring characters from the forthcoming Christmas Day BBC episode!

An interview with Paul Sawyer

Doctor Who Into The Time Vortex:
Warlorder Alan raided the studio for a revealing interview with a Mr Paul Sawyer...

Bolt Action Hobby Time!

Hobby: Making the AA M15!
Charles Pecquet shows us how he converted his M16 into the AA M15...
Find out how Charles Pecquet's M15 held up at his local tournament...
Our friend Bryan over on the WWPD Blog has been beavering away at a new, and rather fantastic looking, themed army - a late war Aufklärungsabteilung!
Antares Initiative:
Month 2 and the Scythe & Teacup chaps go to town on battlefield conversions and step by step painting guides...

Lets Play!

YouTube Video:
The Beasts of War crew hit the beaches in Let’s Play: Bolt Action Beach Assault (Game Two).
Finland at War 1939-45:
How did the Finnish, a small population resist against 2 Soviet invasions? Read about them in this Elite book featuring in-depth, photographs and detailed artwork. Helping you theme your finished Bolt Action force.
Wargames Illustrated:
Warlord games is now stocking Wargames Illustrated January 2017 issue 351.

Each month WI feature news, views, reviews and over 100 pages of articles relating to the noble hobby of miniature wargaming – the pursuit of collecting, painting and gaming with miniatures.

Puzzle time!

Have a go:
Time to noodle your brains - Just for Fun of course!
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