Thursday, 15 December 2016

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The official announcement of Wyrd Games 'The Other Side' Kickstarter...


We are very excited to announce that as of now The Other Side's Kickstarter has begun! We have been putting time and resources into this game for quite some time, and we are very proud of what we've accomplished.

The Other Side is a new miniatures game set in the same universe and timeline as Malifaux. The Other Side focuses on the large scale conflicts taking place on Earth. This lets us bring our Victorian-steampunk-horror twist to the nations of Earth for a whole new line of visually captivating miniatures.

The Other Side will bring a larger model count to tables, varying from 20 or so models for smaller games to upwards of 50 models for larger games. At a 32mm heroic scale, the game will look fantastic on your tabletop. We are also shipping the miniatures preassembled, which will make it easy to get the game on the table.

In order to properly bring this game to market, we need the help of the community to offset the large costs. We are using Kickstarter to help ensure The Other Side is what it should be: a large scale game with diverse options to choose from.
The Other Side's Kickstarter will run until January 20th at 7pm EST. As with all Kickstarters, you do not pay the funding until the campaign ends.
The Other Side has three pledge levels to get players started.

The Champion Pledge Level is only $99. This pledge comes with a copy of the rulebook and an Allegiance box, which includes: a Commander model, 3 Squads (about 9 models a piece), a Fate Deck, a set of Tactics Tokens, stat cards, bases, and a measuring tape. This is everything you need to play a one Commander game of The Other Side!

The Commander Pledge Level is available for $160. This pledge comes with a copy of the rulebook and an Allegiance box, similar to the Champion level, but it also includes your Allegiance's Titan (a $90 value) and the freebie Stretch Goals that are unlocked. This is an amazing entry point into the game, giving players what they need to play and some options, all at a great value.

Dual Commander
The Dual Commander Pledge Level is available for $300. This pledge comes with two copies of the rulebook, two Allegiance boxes, your two Allegiances' Titans, and two of the freebie Stretch Goals that are unlocked. This is ideal for two players to enter the game, each getting what they need to start playing The Other Side.

In addition to these, the Kickstarter offers a "Concerned Citizen" level for $1 that lets you track the game or add items a la carte. Finally, for retailers (and retailers only), we offer a pledge level to help brick and mortar stores get into The Other Side.
As the Kickstarter goes on, The Other Side will unlock Stretch Goals, creating new models or other assets for the game. Some Stretch Goals include free additions to current backers, making the Kickstarter a better deal and the game more exciting as time goes on.
Below is a look at some of the videos included on our Kickstarter so you can get a better idea of the game and models.
Click on the image above to see our Kickstarter introduction video, giving a broad overview of the game.
Click on the image above to see a more in depth look at our four Allegiances.
Click on the image above to see a close up look at a prototype model for the game.
Click on the image above to see a 30 minute look at the game's rules.
We are also excited to announce that we will be translating the rules and stat cards for The Other Side into six additional languages: French, German, Italian, Polish, Russian, and Spanish. This is in addition to English.

The rules and stat cards will be translated and made available as a free PDF download. We are only translating the rules and stat cards (not the background, stories, etc) at this time.
We hope that you'll consider backing our Kickstarter today. Wyrd believes in The Other Side and plans on continuing to support it, growing both the game and community as time goes on.

Thank you for your support, and we'll see you on the other side!
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