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Warlord Games Newsletter

Warlord Games usual mid-week article round-up

Welcome to our Wednesday Newsletter, featuring all this week's hobby and wargaming news.

Antares Bootcamp!

First ever Antares Bootcamp!:
20 Antares fans played various scenarios here at Warlord! They got access to 2017 Antares products too! Make sure you check out this article for a peek at what's upcoming for Antares and a look at some great armies at our inaugrial Boot Camp...
Strike On Kar'A Nine:
Never played Antares before? Time to get started with a brand new fast paced starter with C3 Concord and NEW plastic Algoryn!

Making German Gebirgsjägers!

Gebirgsjägers - one of the elite formations of World War II. Follow Oscar Flamberg as he kit bashes German Gebirgsjägers in summer uniform using plastic parts:

Making Caesarean Romans!

Hobby: Making Caesarean Romans!
Warlorder & studio painter Andrés has created another regiment with some easy conversions for you to try at home!

The Antares Initiative

The Antares Initiative Month 2 Continues!
We have some more cool articles from 3 of the Initiative teams!

2000 AD!

Warlord Games obtain 2000 AD miniatures licence.
Warlord Games is to produce a new line of miniatures and games based on the legendary British comic book, 2000 AD!
Finding the right gifts for your other half can be tasking, we’re here to help you out! In this guide we’ll give you our choice options and some ideas you can’t go wrong with.

Jump Walker!

A detailed look at the Mudskipper:
TheWarGamer brings you a review on the US Mudskipper Jump Walker from Konflikt '47!
The US M2A1 Mudskipper Jump Walker
Designed to give the jump infantry some genuine punch with shock absorbers to handle the jumping manoeuvre plus a stripped down chassis to save weight, the Mudskipper is proving a battle-winning addition to Jump Battalions.

Dirt Roads, Tracks & Paths

Make Counryside Dirt Roads, Tracks & Paths!
Watch and learn with the TheTerrainTutor's Countryside scenic series!
The Pit Gaming Shop is opening!
A friendly, professional operation run by gamers and collectors for gamers and collectors. Brand New Store opening this weekend - why not pop in and say Hi!

HQ Open for Christmas!

Shop Christmas Opening Times!
Warlord HQ Nottingham NG7 2BY. Come in this weekend and make sure Santa brings you cheer this Christmas!
Anagram Time:
Just a little challenge to exercise your brainmatter, remember - it's just for fun!
Christmas Deals Special:
Getting you ready for Christmas & your New Year battles come 4 new Bolt Action and 2 new Black Powder “Christmas Special” Army Starter Deals plus 4 Head to Head army deals. These sets offer fantastic savings of up to 40% on the separate individual components! A fantastic gift for yourself or loved ones this Christmas.
Newly released!
The Cromwell now has the top of the line, and deadly, Tesla Cannon! The British now have a tank that can deal with the biological and mechanical monsters of the 1947 battlefields.
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