Friday, 27 January 2017

Judgement Kickstarter Newsletter

A bigger scale than I normally play games with but these sculpts are definitely worth a look...

54mm Scale Miniatures Game Worth Playing

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Judgement is a 2 player table-top miniatures game inspired by the Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) computer game genre. In Judgement you play the role of a demigod that summons mortal heroes to the shadow plane of In-Between to capture Souls that fuel your immortal power. Each hero is represented on the table-top by a finely crafted 54mm scale resin miniature with incredible detail and dynamism.
No factions and a pick 'n' ban phase baked into the rules means no power creep, no army envy and no broken combos that ruin the game.

What we do have is a bunch of fun elements plucked straight from your favourite MOBA. Powerful, diverse and fun heroes, neutral monsters, magical items and hero levels. These ingredients provide a truly amazing gaming experience like no other miniature game on the market. 
Bastian Oriel, Human Lore Keeper
Judgement has just launched on Kickstarter! 10 heroes are available immediately with another 9 as un-lockable stretch goals. There are also two neutral monsters that are FREE stretch goals to Warband pledge level (or higher) backers!

Take the time to check out what is a fantastic new miniatures game. You won't regret it.

Back it Today!
Each hero miniature is cast in high quality resin and finely detailed to take advantage of the 54mm scale. 
Judgement heroes are drawn from 5 races (DwarfsElvesHumansMinotaursOrcs), who operate within 4 classes (Supporter, Defender, Aggressor, Soulgazer), defining their role on the battlefield.

Like a MOBA, when playing Judgement, you are free to select any heroes from across the 5 races to fight in your Warband. Whilst there are several exploitable synergies that may sway your decision making, there are no hard restrictions, you can field whatever heroes you want!
A full version of the rules in glorious colour is available as a downloadable PDF for free right now. Click here to download the Judgement Rule Book (62Mb PDF)
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