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Warlord Games Newsletter

Warlord Games end of week feature round-up...

Welcome to the Warlord Games Friday Newsletter, featuring all this coming week's New Releases and other wargaming news.
Forced to retreat, the German forces re-grouped and launched a surprise counter-offensive at the allies lines, re-create those iconic battles!

Soviet Veterans in Snowsuits!

The new Soviet Veteran Squad in Snowsuits are Russia's finest and ready to show the fury of the red army.

Heavy Reinforcements!

Rolling onto the front line is the brand new plastic KV1/2 box set which builds not just the KV1 turret version but also the huge KV2 turret! You'll also get decals, new play card, smoke and explosion markers, and on top of all this a squad of 8 infantry as tank riders, all for £20/$32 - ready to show the armoured might of the Russian forces!

KV1/2 ZP Turret!

The plastic behemoths are now here and ready to be outfitted with the latest of Rift technology, the KV1/2 Zvukovoy Proyektor turret!

Soviet Ursus Infantry!

The Russian bear takes form as the Soviet Ursus infantry slashing through the enemy forces...

Fallschirmjager Falcon Infantry!

Dropping behind enemy lines are the new Fallschirmjager Falcon Infantry, ready to flank the enemy!

British Automated Infantry with HMG!

The British Automated Infantry march endlessly towards the front, now toting the .50cal HMG!

Antares Dice Game!

Fight your universal war at a different level using the Antares dice game!

Lichen: Winter, Spring and Summer!

New seasonal Battlefield & Basing lichens from Warlord are now here! Choose from Winter, Spring and Summer! Also check out our basing kits which allows you to create themed battlefield terrain with ease!
YouTube Video:
The War Gamer explores an alternative to PVA glue for basing your miniatures. An adhesive that is specially formulated for getting the best application of Static Grass.

HQ Grand Opening!

Grand Opening:
Great offers and guest appearances plus gaming, the studio displays, and more!


Price Change:
We've just finished a detailed review of the Warlord Games range as well as our costs, and as a result, some of our prices will be changing from the beginning of February. Not all products are affected, and the change actually includes some reductions as well as increases! Rest assured that Warlord Games will continue to offer fantastic wargaming figures at great prices.
Antares Boot Camp!
A 'Beyond the Gates of Antares' learning event for newcomers on 18th March 2017. Boscombe Down and Amesbury Wargames Club to presents an Antares learning day. The day aims to provide newcomers to Antares an opportunity to learn the game. Please visit the event page here for more details.
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