Wednesday, 11 January 2017

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The latest Warlord Games newsletter...

Welcome to the Warlord Games Wednesday Newsletter, featuring all this week's hobby related news & articles.

Grand Opening!

Warlord HQ Grand Opening:
Due to a popular demand we're now continuing the grand opening into Sunday the 29th! Come and see the studio display, special guests, teasers, games, shop deals and super manager specials.

SS-Sturmbannführer Joachim Peiper

Learn about Peiper!:
Who was this man included in the Battle of the Bulge campaign book? Find out more in this new article!

The 168th Combat Engineer Battalion

168th Combat Engineer Battalion!
Learn about the US 168th Combat Engineer Battalion's heroic defence of St Vith against the overwhelming German forces...

Making an Indian Division

Carl Titterington (from the Brit the Yank & the Hobby podcast) presents a brilliant guide on creating an Indian Division!
The Antares Initiative Month 3 Begins!:
The WMW and S&T Livepool group members continue Month 3 of our Antares Initiative with fantastic PDFs detailing what they got up to...

Waterloo 2017...

Two New Napoleonic Plastic Sets:
Join the Allied forces of Wellington later this year and repeat the heroics of the Household Cavalry and Dragoons of the 2nd (Union) Cavalry Brigade at Waterloo - These 2 sets have completed the design process (we think you'd agree that the artwork is gorgeously evocative of the period) and are now being tooled up for production. It's time to complete all your projects and listen for the trumpets sounding the charge across the fields of Belgium this summer!

Battle Report

Konflikt '47 battle report #2 - 1946: Western Europe. US vs GER 925pts:
A remote Chateau in Belgium was abandoned by the Germans earlier in the war, but it still holds secrets vital to the German supernatural weapons programme. The US has learnt of the Chateau and races to seize it before the German can reclaim it!
Konflikt '47 Just for fun answers!:
Find out if you were correct last week! Stay tuned for more fun!
Las Vegas Open 2017!:
Come join Frontline Gaming and Warlord Games at the Las Vegas Open 2017! Our Bolt Action Tournament will be a celebration of the hard work and effort from all the gaming communities and organizers throughout the country. Warlord Games will be on hand running a continuous game of Konflikt 47 throughout the weekend of games and product will be available at special prices. The Las Vegas Open runs February 3rd-February 5th 2017 at Bally’s Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. More information can be found on

Elephant - Back in Stock!

The Elephant is now back in stock on our store:
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