Tuesday, 31 January 2017

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Tuesday 31/01/2017
Alessio Cavatore Interview - Tails of Equestria MLP RPG
Earlier this week, we had a visitor come up to our HQ in Nottingham, a very lovely man by the name of Mark Hulmes (Tabletop Weekly, High Rollers, Yogscast) who wanted to ask Alessio some questions about Tails of Equestria - questions that Alessio was happy to answer! Mark, as well as other reviewers and gaming sites (Tabletop Gaming amongst others) have also started to take a look through and will be releasing more information starting on the 14th of February, a perfect time for the love of MLP to be shared!

Click the video above to check out the interview and learn a little more about Tails of Equestria.
The second print run of labyrinth is being loaded onto a ship to make its way around the world!
We share some early playtesting character sheets for Tails of Equestria, check it out!
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