Saturday, 14 January 2017

Mantic Games Newsletter

The latest release information from Mantic Games...

Welcome to this week's Mantic Games newsletter. Here you'll find all the latest information on new releases, news and special offers!
In this new supplement, you'll find lots of handy tips for running your own tournaments or leagues, new spells and extra scenarios. Pre-order now!
The Days Gone Bye Walking Dead expansion is now shipping. In the expansion you get more Survivors and Walkers, new scenarios and rules for creating characters.
In preparation for the Summer Campaign, we're giving you the chance to have a Kings of War army set upgraded to a Mega Force when you order from the website.
For all you Walking Dead: All Out War fans, we've got a great painting competition so you can show off your painting skills. Find out how to enter on the blog...
Tickets are now on sale for the Mantic Open Day in May. We'll have plenty of great activities on the day and some EXCLUSIVE SHOW OFFERS!
Tickets are now available for the 3rd annual Mantic Night, being held at Adepticon on March 25th. If you're a Mantic fan, this an event not to be missed!
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