Saturday, 21 January 2017

Sarissa Precision Newsletter

The latest terrain releases from Sarissa Precision for January...

Algoryn Drop Fortress has made planetfall......

First of a new series for Sci-Fi terrain ranges that will look awesome on any gaming table. The Drop Fortress has made Planet Fall and troops are preparing to pacify the surrounding area.

Watch this space for the next range....

Algoryn Orbital Transmat now operational......

Once the Drop Fortress has operational deployment of the Orbital Transmat means rapid deployment of ground troops can begin.
Ruined Stanchion Settlement Set is available at a discounted price or you can now purchase the variant ruins individually.
Ruined Stanchion #1
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Ruined Stanchion #2
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Ruined Stanchion #3
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This month also saw the release of this new railway station, perfect to sit beside our track and railway sets.
Coming next month is our ever popular Chateau in destroyed form, in not one but three scales.

This kit will be released in 15mm, 20mm and 28mm at the same time. Part of our range expansion across multiple scales through 2017.
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