Wednesday, 25 January 2017

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Insider 1-17-2017: The Skorne Errata
Skorne players, your long wait is over. While we would have preferred to include these changes with the general errata document that went up last month, some things are worth waiting for. However, rather than just handing you the errata document along with our developers’ notes, I wanted to take the time to write a few words about our revision efforts.
In the run-up to the release of the new editions of HORDES® and WARMACHINE, we made a few mistakes. These errors were exemplified by the state of the Skorne Faction at the time of release. I won’t dwell on what went wrong, so I will provide as succinct a postmortem as I can.
Insider 1-20-2017: Army Boxes Incoming!

For many people, ringing in the New Year brings with it a strong desire to start something new. In recognition of that, we here at Privateer Press have worked up some new and exciting army boxes for WARMACHINE & HORDES that will be hitting retail shelves starting this month.
Each of these forthcoming army boxes contains a ready-to-play 50-point army, designed by the Privateer Press development team to provide a solid foundation for brand-new players, or for veterans who are interested in diving into a new faction. This month sees the release of army boxes for Cryx and Circle Orboros, both of which put powerful battlegroups front and center. But what better way to learn about these lists and the thought process behind them than hearing from the people who created them.
The Privateers I: Watery Graves
Unaware of the forces marshaled against him, Captain Phinneus Shae and the crew of the Talion are headed into uncharted waters. With a doggedly determined killer from his past on his trail and cold-blooded pirates all around him, Shae’s contract to recover the treasure from a sunken ship seems destined to fail. But other, more nefarious individuals are after that same treasure, and whatever it is, it is destined to change the future of the Iron Kingdoms. Whether for good or ill all depends on who finds it first and who is buried at the bottom of the sea in the end…

PIP 612
MSRP $15.99 (Paperback) $7.99 (Digital)
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