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Insider 1-9-2017: Lock & Load® GameFest 2017
Every year the entire Privateer Press crew comes together for an amazing weekend full of games, hangouts, and fun! Whether you’re looking for a chance to ask writing manager Matt Goetz about skorne underpants or you want to throw down the gauntlet against lead designer and developer Jason Soles in a game of WARMACHINE or HORDES®, Lock & Load has exactly what you’re looking for.
This year, we’re going to start things off with our keynote, first thing Friday morning after the doors open. We’ll have previews of many of the great things coming up in the following year and hope to leave you with plenty to talk about and speculate on.
Insider 1-12-2017: Theme Forces Drop!

Theme forces are a defining aspect of WARMACHINE & HORDES, and it’s about time that everyone gets their hands on one in the new edition. As the new Command books begin to roll out for the majority of the Factions in the game—each of which contains new theme forces—we decided we didn’t want to make certain Factions go months without a single theme force while others enjoyed access to several.
Insider 1-13-2017: Horgle the Anvil Concept Insight
In this week’s Insider we get to take a look at Horgle, the Anvil. Concept artist Andrea Uderzo was tasked with updating Horgle’s original design, taking him from a journeyman warlock to a full-fledged ’caster. We hope you enjoy this truncated peek behind the curtain on Horgle’s visual development process.
The Privateers I: Watery Graves
Unaware of the forces marshaled against him, Captain Phinneus Shae and the crew of the Talion are headed into uncharted waters. With a doggedly determined killer from his past on his trail and cold-blooded pirates all around him, Shae’s contract to recover the treasure from a sunken ship seems destined to fail. But other, more nefarious individuals are after that same treasure, and whatever it is, it is destined to change the future of the Iron Kingdoms. Whether for good or ill all depends on who finds it first and who is buried at the bottom of the sea in the end…

PIP 612
MSRP $15.99 (Paperback) $7.99 (Digital)
Las Vegas Open 2017: February 3rd to 5th
The Las Vegas Open is a premiere Tabletop Gaming Convention set in fabulous Las Vegas. It takes place at Bally's Casino from February 3rd through the 5th, 2017. They've got tabletop gaming tournaments, narrative events, campaigns, hobby classes, vendors, new product releases, social events and so much more!
Book your room early as the room block will fill up!
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