Saturday, 28 January 2017

Warlord Games Newsletter

Warlord Games end of week feature round-up...
Welcome to the Warlord Games Friday Newsletter, featuring all this week's New Releases and News.

HQ Grand Opening!

Come in and party with Martin and the Warlord crew this weekend as we celebrate our Nottingham HQ store's Grand Opening!

Ready to Ship

US Firefly jump infantry!

New Konflikt'47:
A whole new front of the war has been opened with the new highly agile US Firefly Jump Infantry!

US Kodiak Walker

New Konflikt'47:
A new breed of walker marches onto the battlefields of 1947, unleash a torrent of hellfire from the new Kodiak Walker.

US heavy bazooka team

New Konflikt'47:
The US army just got even tougher with the new US Heavy Bazooka team!

Automated Infantry with MMG

New Konflikt'47:
With their rhythmic march, the new British Automated Infantry with MMG bring a whole new meaning to calculated warfare...

Soviet Cossack Light Walker

New Konflikt'47:
The Rift-boosted Soviet war machine churns out new creations quicker than anyone... Striding across the battlefield today comes the Cossack Light Walker.

Algoryn Transmat

New Antares:
Transporting wave after wave of troops - the new Algoryn Transmat is here!

Slashed to the bone!

Project Z:
Satisfy your inner Zombies hunger with these delectably delicious deals!

Special Ops Zombie!

Spec Ops:
Rev up you Humvee and abseil into action with your Spec Ops Compound Project Z starter; Everything you need, including the game and special rules, for using these elite troops wrapped up into one explosive deal!

Hobby Time!

Let's Make:
In this Let's Make, the Terrain Tutor continues his battlefield basics series with a collection of trenches, dug out foxhole emplacements and breastworks.
Building the Battlefield:
TheWarGamer has been experimenting with some scenic quick builds - time to man the barricades and layout that barbed wire!
Weekend Hobby Time:
Sit back in your hobby chair and listen in to the latest from the Antares universe with the Freeborn Shard Podcast, arrange your battles with your foe using the Rumbl opponent finder, or have a trip out to an event near you this weekend:

Prepare for the Battle of the Bulge!

Winter HQ
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Bazooka + Sniper
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MMG Redeploying
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M3 + M1 57mm 
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M10 Wolverine
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FOO team
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Weapon Teams
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Medium Mortar
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M3A1 Half-Track
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M1 Anti-Tank Gun
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Winter Infantry
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MMG Prone
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Truck + Squad
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M4 Sherman 
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M5 Anti-Tank Gun
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Shipping Soon!

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