Saturday, 21 January 2017

Modiphius Entertainment Newsletter

A 'Flash' sale from Modiphius for their Mutant Chronicles RPG...only until the 23rd of January though...


Beat those January blues with 30% flash sale on Mutant Chronicles
January is just one of those months... cold, bleak and honestly, we can hardly wait for it to be over ...usually.

But we've something to cheer you up and lighten the January blues with a 30% flash sale on all products in our Mutant Chronicles collection.

That includes core books like the Third Edition Core Book and Player's Guide, massive solar system spanning campaigns like The Dark Symmetry, corporation guides like MishimaBrotherhood and Cartel & Orbitals and even our brand new titles like Venusian Apocalypse and Dark Eden, plus accessories like miniatures and Dice.

To claim your 30% off just use code MutantJan at checkout, but hurry, the flash sale ends midnight 23rd Jan GMT!
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  1. Nice. Picked up the core pdf. Not bad for $11.50


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