Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Warlord Games Newsletter

Warlord Games mid-week feature round-up...

Welcome to the Warlord Games Wednesday Newsletter, featuring all this week's hobby related news and articles.

An Interview With Paul Sawyer

Doctor Who Into The Time Vortex:
Warlorder Alan's interview with Paul Sawyer delves into details on what's to come...

Algoryn Intruder Army!

The Algoryn are always striving to perfect their means of war and the Intruder Strike force is one of their prized tools.

Paratrooper Review!

Carl Titterington (from the Brit the Yank & the Hobby podcast) brings a brilliant review and painting guide for the U.S. Airborne!
The Antares Initiative Month 3 Begins!:
The Fresh Coast Gaming members kick off Month 3 of the Antares Initiative! Check out their articles to see what has happened in Month 3...

Awesome videos!

Terrain Tutor:
In this Let's Make, the Terrain Tutor continues his countryside scenic series with fields, from simple earth ploughed fields, to crop fields and vegetable patches.
Beasts of war:
Our friends at Beasts of War are back playing some more Bolt Action 2.0 and Chez is showing Justin just how Templates work in this new edition...

Just For Fun - Crossword!

Have a go:
To start off the new year, we're setting a friendly challenge for you all - a Konflikt '47 themed crossword!

Local Store - Asgard Games!

Store Highlight:
Come and check out your local store this weekend!

Grand Opening!

Warlord HQ Grand Opening:
Will you be near Nottingham on the 28th January? Well you should be! Come on in and celebrate as we hold our HQ Stores Grand Opening... More details soon!
Deals must end this weekend!
Our Bad Santa New Year offers must end - Time to take advantage of these great value deals and prepare for your New Year battles! 
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