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Photo of Frostgrave Folio (FGV)The new Frostgrave supplement is titled The Frostgrave Folio.We are into the final week of the Frostgrave Folio Nickstarter pre-order program. The great news is everyone who orders the Frostgrave Folio from North Star will be getting, free, a frame of plastic Barbarians, a metal conversion set for the Barbarians and a Sigilist modelThere's still another Folio reward to unlock,
but we need to sell 750 books to get there.
Photo of Saga (BP1325)There have been some fantastic releases this month; you can read all about them below. Top of the list has to be the long awaited new supplement for SagaAetius and Arthur. This takes the Saga timeline back to the Late Roman/ Arthurian period.
Photo of Jack the Ripper (GOTH1)Photo of Tart with a Hart. (GOTH2)Next is the third supplement for In Her Majesty's Name. The original rules and two supplements were published by Osprey. This new supplement, Gothic, has been published by the authors.
To celebrate it's release, we're making available for a very limited period the five Steam Punk miniatures originally given away in our very first Nickstarter for IHMN.
You need to order them immediately, they won't be on sale for very long.
Hope you enjoy the rest of the newsletter
Nick Eyre
FROSTGRAVE Fantasy Wargames in the Frozen City
final week of the
Photo of Frostgrave Folio - Supplement (BP1562)Frostgrave FolioSupplement
The Frostgrave Folio is the complete collection of all previously released Frostgrave mini-ebook supplements in one printed volume. This includes Hunt for the Golem, a three-scenario campaign in which the warbands hunt down a rogue golem, Sellsword, which introduces rules for experience-gaining captains to help lead warbands, Dark Alchemy, which expands the rules for potions and potion brewing, and Arcane Locations which gives additional options for bases and base upgrades.
The book also includes a completely new mini-supplement, The Ravages of Time, new artwork and new photos.
Collecting nearly two years' worth of Frostgrave material, this collection is a necessary addition to any wizard's library.
Everyone who orders the Frostgrave Folio from North Star will be getting, free
Nickstarter participants have exclusive access now to these models not due for release until later this year.
The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare
The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare
BP1568 - Gothic - In Her Majesty's Name
Photo of Gothic - In Her Majesty's Name (BP1568)GothicIn Her Majesty's Name
MARCH 2017

This is the third supplement for the game and has been produced by The Ministry of Gentlemanly Warfare, authors of In Her Majesty's Name, Daishō andBlood Eagle.
New weapons and equipment, talents and powers, and creatures both normal and supernatural. New companies to fight or, bring on, the darkness that threatens to engulf the Old World.
New scenarios and landscapes will take your companies into dark forests, mist shrouded castles, ancient ruins, pagan altars and grim, fortified villages the length and breadth of Transylvania, Wallachia and the ever-forbidding Carpathian Mountains.
In Her Majesty's NameSteampunk Heroes
As a one off special to celebrate the release of Gothic, we've made available again 5 Steam Punk characters that came out with the launch of In Her Majesty's Name. They are only on sale until the release of Gothic, then they back to the Dickensian cellar they're stored in.
Photo of Jack the Ripper (GOTH1)
GOTH1 - Jack the Ripper
IHMN105 - Scotland Yard Company
In Her Majesty's NameTo celebrate the launch of the 3rd supplement for IHMN, we're selling the original books and figures at a discount price. Sale ends when the new book arrives!
Horror Stories
A new miniature range to support the new wargame rules
Arkeo Obskura by Massimo Torriani
Wargames Illustrated
Giants in Miniature   Painting Guides   Wargames Illustrated
Photo of Wargames Illustrated 353 (WI353)Wargames Illustrated 353
THEME: Perry Miniatures WWII range
HOW TO: 10mm ACW Tents
Siege Works Studios
Grand Battles Napoleon
is a strategic wargame where you as the General are responsible for a Napoleonic corps.
The Napoleonic wars began in the ashes of revolution, regicide and the new French Republic and ended with the exile of an Emperor.
Photo of Armies of Coalition (Bp1567)Armies of Coalition
Using this full colour, 72 page, Parade Handbook for the Coalition Armies of Russia, Prussia and Austria, you can also play a part in this epic tale. Re-fight the famous battles during the wars of Empire to Liberation, 1808-1815. These lists allow you to pretty much build any coalition corps that fought between 1808 and 1815. Klenau’s 4th Corps, 1809, Raevsky’s 7th Corps 1812 or York’s Prussian 1st Corps 1813 are all easily built using our flexible divisional and attachment options. Apart from the usual National Traits, Allies, Battle, Support and Reserve choices, we have also added in some famous national heroes into the Headquarters options, like Archduke Charles, Blucher, Bagration, Platov and Kutuzov! 
Helion & Company LimitedHelion & Company LimitedHelion & Company Limited
Wargames Rules
In these books, Peter Dennis sets the paper soldiers of the 19th century marching again across the wargames tables of the 21st. All the troop types of the wars are represented in full colour in a format designed to create stands of soldiers which can be used to re-fight these epic struggles for the control of Britain
Artizan Designs
Second World War box sets
Battlefronts Team Yankee
Battlefront MiniaturesBattlefront MiniaturesBattlefront Miniatures'
Team Yankee
Battlefield in a Box  British  East German  Paint Set  Soviet U.S.A.  West German
Photo of SA-9 Gaskin SAM Platoon (TSBX12)
TSBX12 - SA-9 Gaskin SAM Platoon
Warlord Games Bolt Action WW2Osprey Games
Bolt Action
Battle of the Bulge
The Ardennes, 1944. Driven back by the Allies since D-Day, Germany launches a surprise offensive on the Western Front. This assault against the unprepared Allied lines is the opening move in one of the largest battles of World War II. This new Campaign Book for Bolt Action allows players to take command of both armies in this desperate battle, fighting it as they believe it should have been fought. New linked scenarios, rules, troop types and Theatre Selectors provide plenty of options for novice and veteran players alike.
The game of Dark Age skirmish by Gripping Beast and Studio Tomahawk.
Aetius & Arthur Supplement

The year is 410AD. Barbarians have crossed the Rhine and invaded the Western Roman Empire. The Visigoths have pillaged Rome while the Huns have arrived on the Roman Empire's borders after ravaging the east. To counter these threats, the Romans have abandoned Britain, leaving the Britons to face the Picts and Saxons alone.
In the century to come, empires will fail and kingdoms will rise. Prepare your Warband and join the battle to defend or destroy the Roman Empire!
In this supplement you will find:
6 new factions: The Romans, Britons, Saxons, Goth, Picts and Huns.
New heroes and Legendary units for the new factions.
New units of Mercenaries to fight alongside your new factions.
Rules to adapt certain existing factions to take part in your battles in the Age of Invasions.
4 new scenarios.
A complete campaign system where a lone frontier post must hold out against waves of barbarian raiders.
Photo of Saga (BP1325)SAGA
Saga is a game for model soldiers set in the Viking Age when strength and bravery were worth a thousand men. This rulebook contains all the necessary information you need to discover the SAGA gaming system. You will find not only all the game rules, but also a selection of scenarios to get you started plus four of the factions involved in the wars of the Viking Age (Anglo-Danish, Vikings, Welsh and Normans – with more to be published.) With plenty of illustrations, step-by-step examples and diagrams, learning the game mechanisms is simple and intuitive.
Less than thirty models per side are needed to start playing, so get ready to immerse yourself in this age of heroes and write your own saga.
Great War Miniatures
Russian Regiments
Photo of Russian Regiment 1788-90 (RUS D1)
RUS D1 - Russian Infantry Regiment
Photo of Russian Grenadier Regiment 1788-90 (RUS D2)
RUS D2 - Russian Grenadier Regiment 1788-90
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