Friday, 17 February 2017

Warlord Games Newsletter

Warlord Games end of week round-up...
Welcome to the Warlord Games Friday Newsletter, featuring all this week's New Releases and News.

Test of Honour!

As the clans war for control of Japan - which side will you fight on? Pre-order the complete bundle and get two bonus models!
Special Offer:
10% off all Sarissa Precision Samurai buildings between now and the Test of Honour launch weekend!

Marlborough's Wars

The War of the Spanish Succession begins - who will inherit the vacant throne of Spain?

20% OFF Bolt Action US Collection

To celebrate our fine cousins in the good old US of A on their Presidents Day, we're knocking 20% off the US model range in the Bolt Action 20% collection.

Hurry limited for this weekend only!

Boromite Mining Facility!

Take your Sci-Fi battlefield to a whole new level of realism with the Boromite Mining Facility!

Boromite Forces Guide!

Arran Gestalin
Buy Now
Buy Now
Tractor Mauls Gang
Buy Now
Rock Rider Squad
Buy Now
Buy Now
Engineer Squad
Buy Now
Frag Borer
Buy Now
Buy Now
Mag Cannon
Buy Now
Buy Now
Vorpal Charges
Buy Now
Hatchling Swarms
Buy Now

Lets make!

YouTube Video:
In this Let's Make, TheTerrainTutor looks at adding a little spin to the traditional squares of door mat hay fields with a few techniques to create larger hay fields that roll in from the table edge!
War made sure no edges of Europe were unscathed, stylise your terrain around the campaign with the Northern European Battlefield Theming Set!

Weekend Gaming!

Find any opponents local to you using the Rumbl opponent finder! Sign up and birng some friends to strengthen the table top community! Also keep your ears out for Tim Bancroft and Justin Shearer lastest Antares podcast!
Gear up for action in the 1st Warlord Nottingham HQ Bolt Action Tournament!
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