Friday, 24 February 2017

Warlord Games Newsletter

The latest from Warlord Games in their end of week round-up...

Welcome to the Warlord Games Friday Newsletter, featuring all this coming week's New Releases and other wargaming news.

Rise up for the Motherland!

Can't let the men have all the glory! The new Daughters of the Motherland come crashing in guns blazing to Konflikt '47!

Mechanical Goodness!

Skittering over the rubble, the new flammspinne panzermech turns whole squads into cinders!
Conversion Workshop:
Jakob Lotz builds a KV-1 735(r) beutepanzer rearmed with a 75mm KwK 40 L/43 gun...
Tank Build :
Presenting our first Warlord Workshop Tank Build, a series where we unbox, build and paint a vehicle ready for the battlefield in quick easy steps...

Weekend Research!

Wargames Illustrated:
Packed full of exotic delights from games systems far and wide. Dabble with tank war raging in the desert through to unravelling mysteries within the Amazon rain forest, surely a magazine for any type of wargamer!

Lets Make!

YouTube Video:
Struggling to get your hands on insulation sheets? Want a table's worth of terrain for £3? Here's a really cheap and easy way of making scenery out of expanding polystyrene insulation foam, straight out of a can!

Lets Battle!

TableTopBattle Video:
Anders & Svein lay out a georgeous battlefield for a Bolt Action 2nd ed battle report - Battle of the Bulge special #2 "Foy"

Tournament Time!

HQ Nottingham Event:
Come on over to Nottingham for a cracking good event and show your skills on the battlefield at our first HQ Bolt Action Tournament. Hurry only a few tickets left!
This year marks the 75th Anniversary of the Battle of Stalingrad, Huzzah! 2017 is commemorating this historic event with such epic battles as the siege of the Central Railway station, Pavlov's House, Battle at The Krasnye Barrikady tank factory and more!

The Complete Samurai Bundle!

With just 4 weeks to go until Test Of Honour reaches the stores, its time to prepare your samurai and ashigaru as the clans go to war!
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