Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Hasslefree Miniatures - Flash Sale

You have until the end of February to get 15% off...

1 Day Sale and Restocks are In!

Edit: The code broke while I was asleep! It's fixed now :)
Anyone who ordered overnight will get an email tonight about their options (partial refund or freebie)

Thanks to my nerve problems and surgeries over the winter we were overdue restocks, and some of you have been bugging me about when certain minis are back in. Well they started arriving yesterday and another 50kg will be arriving tomorrow! That's 'fifty' 'kilograms'!
To make up for the delays we're having a quick 24hr (ish) flash sale. The code will be active until the end of February.

Enter 'FACEPAIN' in the code box* for 15% Off your order.
*The code box is on the confirmation page, stop using the comments box! :)

Fair warning, no complaining when new releases come out next week or the long awaited Red Box restock arrives. That's how these flash sales work :)

The restocks will also allow us to unstick the last few sticky problem orders from what will be known as my facepain period. So from now until the end of April it'll all be about Salute and our release schedule.

(I will find time to update the Kickstarter though for those of you who backed, there was a new update this weekend in fact!)

Right, go nuts, you have 1 day and counting!
'til next time,
p.s. As usual, anyone who ordered just before the sale will get a freebie, we got ya covered ;)

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