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Insider 1-24-2017: No Quarter Preview
 As most of our regular readers are aware, we’re in the middle of an exciting RPG article series in No Quarter called “Iron Kingdoms Uncharted.” The focus of “Uncharted” has been to shine a light on piracy and privateering in our setting, providing our players new options for running games out in the Broken Coast.
Juicy setting information isn’t all we’re offering . . . far from it! In this installment of “Iron Kingdoms Uncharted” we have a treasure trove of rules content, including new equipment, abilities, and career options, along with a surprise or two.
Insider 1-26-2017: Painting Helios' Glowing Eye with Dallas

When working on the Helios, I was very excited to paint his giant glowy eye. Big, cyclopean robots are one of my favorite things, so I was really happy to get my brushes on this fella. Here’s a rundown on how I painted the arcantrik gleam of this bad boy.
The Privateers I: Watery Graves
Unaware of the forces marshaled against him, Captain Phinneus Shae and the crew of the Talion are headed into uncharted waters. With a doggedly determined killer from his past on his trail and cold-blooded pirates all around him, Shae’s contract to recover the treasure from a sunken ship seems destined to fail. But other, more nefarious individuals are after that same treasure, and whatever it is, it is destined to change the future of the Iron Kingdoms. Whether for good or ill all depends on who finds it first and who is buried at the bottom of the sea in the end…

PIP 612
MSRP $15.99 (Paperback) $7.99 (Digital)
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