Saturday, 11 February 2017

Big Stompy Robot Newsletter

Some more information on Gav Thorpe's 'Big Stompy Robot' project...

Sci-Fi Artwork from Gav's Website
One of Sammy's Robot Toys
I had planned to do a full update on progress of the rules, models, and terrain for Big Stompy Robots before the ROBIN event tomorrow, but time has just run away from me. 
So instead I'll give a very brief update now and then send out a full progress report next week, including a review of the ROBIN event itself.

The Rules

I had another playtest session with Carl of Open Combat fame this week.  We found a few more kinks, some of which have been sorted, and some need a bit more thought. But either way I think I have enough to run some enjoyable demo games at ROBIN.
Cards set out mid-game
I've spent some time trying to find the best way to represent the power system, and have come up with a draft format for the cards.  The "I don't see why we'd ever need a colour printer" decision we made last year, means Kez has had to borrow Sammy's felt-tip pens and colour them in by hand.  At least it gives it a 'home-grown' game look!
Two painted robots

The Models

I've managed to get five models ready for ROBIN, and I'm really pleased with how they've turned out.  I'd still like to add some more 'branding' decals to them - if you remember, in-universe the mechs are sponsored in much the same way Formula 1 cars are.
I also published a blog post with all the mech suggestions I'd received - you can read it here.

The Terrain

The biggest problem I've had is with the terrain.  It has been difficult to get any work done on it without Sammy wanting to 'help'. I also had a few false starts with the colouring, you can just see the top board in the picture has a slightly pinker hue to it - not the Martian red I was going for.  But it's too late to do anything about that before ROBIN, so it'll have to do for now.
I also had difficulty with my Martian columns - It's difficult to get the texture right, and some of them just look like painted polystyrene. Which it is. But I'm going to experiment with some stone effect sprays and see what happens.  I still need to give them a top coat of red paint tonight, and hope they will be dry for Sunday.  If all else fails, it'll give me an excuse to browse the terrain stands at ROBIN...
The Big Stompy Robot game page on my website, has been updated, so check back regularly if you want to keep up-to-date.
If you get the chance to come to ROBIN tomorrow (12th February), come along and say hi. If you say ‘I’m a Big Stompy Roboteer’ then I'll have a robot-themed treat for you too! Come for the cake - stay for the game!
Red On Blue In Nottingham (ROBIN) Logo
I shall also be running a 20 minute seminar on the subject of how game mechanics can add to the narrative of a game, so do come along to that if you're attending.
Finally, as before, this isn't one of those 'do not reply' emails.  It might take a week or so, depending on how busy I am, but I reply to every email I receive.  All questions, suggestions, and general motivation welcome.

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