Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Warlord Games Newsletter

Warlord Games mid-week feature and release round-up...

Welcome to the Warlord Games Wednesday Newsletter, featuring all this week's hobby activity and latest articles.

The Battle for Hürtgen Forest

Bolt Action Scenario:
It is mid-September 1944, and units of the 9th Infantry Division are making their first tentative steps into Hürtgen Forest. Ahead of them, stiff opposition from German forces lies in wait to stop the American advance dead in its tracks...

Battle Report!

Battle Report:
The Red army war-machine has gained momentum and is rolling towards the heart of Germany - can the German forces stop the Red tide?

Battle of the Bulge Assault!

With the new Battle of the Bulge campaign book pre-orders shipping now; it’s time to build your forces and drive into the heart of the enemy lines!

Brood Mother!

Antares Workshop:
Warlorder RichD had a chat with Chase Murphy about his idea for a crazy paint job and we just had to get all the gory details...

Awesome Antares!

Check out the awesome gallery of just some of the stunning work out there for Beyond the Gates Of Antares!
Battle Report:
Mersey Scythes Martin Otten and the guys spent the month of December in close quarter combat to bring this battle report...

Kodiak Walker!

Uncle Sam's plan to deal with the weird and wonderful creations of Konflikt '47 is lead poisoning, available in a variety of calibers and velocities.

Just for fun!

It's all Winter fun and games here at Warlord with the Battle of the Bulge release imminent - so here's a quick game for you!

Local store highlights!

Local Store:
Check out this awesome Ontario shop which has a blend of hobby, haircuts and hot drinks, with a sprinkle of home. Can you think of a better way to game?
Local Store:
Marquee models - Harlow, are having a special Battle Of The Bulge introductory game to Bolt Action on Saturday the 18th February... head on in to your local stockist this weekend for more action!

Lets Make Some Terrain!

YouTube Video:
In this Let's Make, TheTerrainTutor looks at making battlefield craters to add a little devastation to your table!

Warlord Games Con!

Book Your Tickets:
The time has come again for our US compatriots to enjoy Warlord Games Con! Plus a special visit to the 45th Infantry Division Museum...
Sincere apologies from the Warlord show team as they can't make it to Plymouth as planned this weekend.

New HQ Store Opening Times

Wow what a huge weekend we've just had and a BIG thank you for your support from all of us here at Warlord Games for a fantastic and fun weekend here at our Grand Opening. We look forward to seeing you again soon for more tournaments and our official Warlord Open Day later this year!

Slashed to the Bone!

Were you born to survive? Find out in the fast paced post apocalyptic setting of Project Z with these three fantastic deals, whilst stocks last!

Spec Ops Lock and Load!

Shipping Today!

Coming Soon!

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