Saturday, 11 February 2017

Deathwatch - RPG Character Project

I'm currently involved in an RPG campaign using Fantasy Flight Games Deathwatch system set in the grimdark of Games Workshops Warhammer 40K and as with all such campaigns I tend to make a model to represent my character. My first attempt didn't quite turn out how I wanted so I decided to go with something much different.

I started off using a model from Puppet Wars as a base as it seemed like a perfect building block to which to add the other bits and pieces I had in mind.

Of course it was lacking several features that are ubiquitous across the Techmarines of Warhammer 40K such as the various cables usually hanging from the waist or sides, servo arms and the head was very much not in the correct style. Fortunately these were relatively easy to do something about.

I had a set of the aforementioned cables in my bits box and ordered a slightly different set from a bits supplier on ebay. This is the second time I've ordered parts from that store and the service was excellent...anyway...

There was a slight gap which I filled with a tiny amount of green stuff. As I was going to be adding a lot of gubbins to the model I attached the arms and added a Terminator head looking in the correct direction. That way I could orientate all the other stuff in a fairly logical manner and not find that the arms got in the way. The head is somewhat appropriately from an Iron Hands 'Gorgon' Terminator but I actually selected it because of the cluster of eye lenses rather than it's originating chapter.

I then started on the mechadendrites. The 'Ripper' I was using as a basis came with the piece that fits on the top and four tentacle like arms. When ordering the parts I got a second of these so I had some extra just in case. With this in mind I added a third of these tentacles on each side on a flat section of the model to make a cluster of three on each side.

As the top of the model was a little crowded I decided to attach the servo-arms in a somewhat unorthodox location. I quite liked the idea that they reached around under the Techmarines own arms so I attached them to a likely point on the rear and posed one pointing in the same direction as the head and gun arm with the other reaching around under his left one. One of these servo-arms was from my bits box, the other was from the same eBay seller I mentioned earlier.

I then added the shoulder pads...which I probably should have done earlier in the process as there was now a lot of bits in the way. So other than some tidy-up on the green stuff I used to fill a few gaps the model is effectively done from an assembly point of view, I did have a few more 'tentacles' to add reaching from around the models back section but I'm beginning to think that might be overkill...I'll sleep on the idea and have a look with fresh eyes in the morning...

For reference here's my first attempt which used a lot more Games Workshop parts but for some reason I just didn't take to.

Thoughts and comments are (as usual) most welcome.

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