Wednesday, 8 February 2017

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#41 the straight scoop from the well of chaos...

Available now exclusively direct from Chaosium—it's a coloring book out of space!
28 eldritch scenes of Lovecraftian Horror to color. Try to stay within the (non-Euclidean) lines!
Call of Cthulhu: The Coloring Book is in stock at our US, UK and Australian warehouses. $14.95 including PDF.
Call of Cthulhu: The Coloring Book
Andrey Fetisov was a student of classical art at the Surikov Art Institute in Moscow, and has been working as a freelance cg illustration/concept artist for about five years. 
He describes himself as "a huge HPL fan with a softspot for all things retro-ish."

Khan of Khans Kickstarter success marks Chaosium's return to Boardgames

$47,354 pledged, 473% funded, 1,345 backers - holy cow!

Yes we Khan! Our Khan of Khans Kickstarter successfully funded - many thanks to everyone who joined us on the journey!
The next steps for the Kickstarter involves delivering all of the rewards as quickly and efficiently as possible.
Meanwhile, a dedicated forum for Khan of Khans has been set up at BRP Central-The Chaoisum Forums. Here Khan of Khans players any questions, along with exchanging raid strategies, Khan wisdom, and anything else related to the game.
Chaosium has several new boardgames in the pipeline, including new editions of Dragon Pass and Credo, and a new title from Reiner Knizia.



Props of Nyarlathotep : London and Cairo

This new licensed Call of Cthulhu project comes from the talented French artist Delphes Desvoivres. She previously created the wonderful Sedefkar Simulacrum sculptural pieces for Horror on the Orient Express, and these look just as creepily authentic!

The Kickstarter ends soon so don't miss your chance to secure these exquisite fine art pieces! 
Props of Nyarlathotep : London and Cairo Kickstarter Video
What is Ab Chaos?
(...from Ab Chaos #7, May 31 1992)

Ab - Latin "from"
Chaos - (1) Any condition or place of total disorder (modern vernacular); (2) the disordered state of unformed matter which preceded creation (since Milton, Paradise Lost); (3) the dark, empty space which preceded creation (Greek Mythology); (4) the [formerly] Californian roleplaying game company.

Ab Chaos is an informal newsletter for Chaosium fans. Through our history we have tried to serve the players and gamemasters through craft and art as well as (and sometimes at the expense of) marketing and moneymaking. We appreciate your loyalty, and offer this communication to those who are curious about us, beyond the mere "product".

It is planned to be informal and irregular. We are, after all, not the Orderium.
Copyright © 2017 Chaosium Inc., All rights reserved. 

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