Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Spartan Games Newsletter

New Dystopian Wars, Firestorm Armada and Halo Ground Command releases from Spartan Games...

A Bumper Start to 2017!
We're hugely excited to bring you our first major release of 2017, and we've covered the DystopianFirestorm and Halo Galaxies. Let's look at each setting to see what exciting new products we've got for you.
Dystopian Wars
In December 2016, we rolled out our first four new modular Battleships to you - well now it is time to finish off our Core Nations offering by bringing you our fabulous Russian Coalition, Covenant of Antarctica and République of France large vessels for you.

Stacked full of detail and new design features our cool new Battleships allow gamers to build either a MK I or MK II variant. All the components are supplied to make either and gamers savvy enough will be able to use magnets to allow either ships to be fielded either MK as and when needed.

Check out our web site for more details of the new Gascony, Descartes and Pakhtusov Battleships. Spartan Mike has pulled together some cool design notes on these new models for us and we recommend you have a read of our new blog to get you frothy for these new vessels.

Our final offering for Dystopian Wars is an awesome new 2-Player Battle Box. We've brought together the Black Wolf and League of Italian States to create The Corsican Incident.

Firestorm Armada
We've had a very busy time of things with Dystopian Wars, but that doesn't mean that our exciting science fiction game setting hasn't seen any love. As we prepare for the huge Adepticon Show in the US, where our Vanguards led by Spartan Josh will be showing off exciting new models and fleets, we wanted to deliver an exciting model to you, and what better way to do that than by releasing our Daedalus multi-part space station kit to you.

Sitting at the heart of the Amber System the Daedalus Space Station is a strategic target for both Kurak and Zenian forces. The kit is made of stunning resin and acrylic components and when assembled makes for an imposing objective on the tabletop. To give you an idea of its size, the flight stand it sits on is 100mm x 100mm.

And for those of you who are not Firestorm Armada players the space station will grace any sci-fi tabletop, bringing its flair and style to your games. Why not give it a go in your Halo: Fleet Battles games?

Halo: Ground Command
It's time for some cool new blisters for our 15mm scale ground warfare game set in the exciting Halo Universe. For the UNSC we bring you the 'Helljumpers', or ODST as they are better known. Our first ODST blister brings you specialists equipped with portable jump-jets which allows them to move rapidly around a battlefield. Included in our blister is a complete ODST Air Assault Unit (4 Elements, each with 2 ODST miniatures) and also includes an ODST Air Assault Officer upgrade (1 Element with two miniatures).

Elite Ultras are Sangheili veterans used to execute high-priority missions for the Covenant. Armed with devastating Concussion Rifles, a Unit of Ultras is a force to be reckoned with when added to any Covenant force. Included in our new blister is a complete Elite Ultra Unit (3 Elements, each with 2 miniatures) and also includes an Elite Ultra Officer upgrade armed with an Energy Sword (1 Element with two miniatures). One highly detailed resin Insertion Pod (Drop Pod) Scatter Template is also included for situations when these warriors deploy from orbit.

These two Units bring a devastating level of combat prowess to the table and UNSC and Covenant commanders will have huge fun fielding them.

What's Next?
We've got a most busy few months ahead of us as we roll out a large number of exciting products. Halo: Fleet Battles fans should ready themselves for the Phoenix Class, Carrack, Autumn Class and Blockade Runner. We're starting to move into the 'modern' era of space battles, so get ready for some cool updates coming your way. With the Halo Wars 2 RTS just around the corner (we're super excited by this game in the office) you'll see us iron out how we are going to deliver UNSC Marines and the Banished to your tabletops.

The Firestorm Armada and Planetfall settings are having a whole load of love thrown their way. The Adepticon Wargames Show is our venue for showing off a whole load of new models and ideas for both games, and if all goes well Spartan Josh will be able to show off some of our work from our new Firestorm rulebooks. Don't forget that Adepticon has some awesome tournaments taking place, so time to pack up your forces and head off to the show. The event organisers have pulled together some fabulous prizes and maybe you could be taking some of them home with you!

And inamongst all that in the next few weeks and months we'll be delivering our exciting Dystopian World Expansion.  Take a look at the Kickstarter project for details of what we're building and remember that it's not too late to back this project.  Email us to find out how.

Get ready for a heck of an exciting 2017 and stay tuned true believers!
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