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Newsletter #44 - 24/02/2017
Welcome to the first Hawk Wargames Newsletter of 2017 - its been a while, but we have a lot to share with you over the upcoming months!
1) The brand new Hawk Wargames Website is now live.
The new site now includes the full range of Dropfleet Commander products, available direct from Hawk Wargames for the first time. In addition, the full Dropzone Commander range is also available within this new site format.
In order to best process the first wave of orders, we will be opening the site with around a 1 week pre-order period on Dropfleet Commander products before we start shipping (orders containing Dropfleet Commander products will be shipping from March 3rd onwards). These will be processed and shipped on a first come, first served basis.  As we have done previously, all orders over £100 will ship free worldwide by couriered delivery.
2) Direct Only Sculpt
Here's a glimpse of the model that's coming...
To celebrate the launch of the new website, Dave is designing an exclusive Dropfleet miniature which will be available for a limited time online only. This highly detailed resin ship is the UCM Saratoga class Light Cruiser, an alternate sculpt for the popular New Cairo class Light Cruiser. It will be available exclusively on our website soon, and will make an appearance on sale at Salute 2017.
3) Website Re-Launch
For those of you who are wondering, this launch had been intentionally delayed due to crossover of staff also working on Kickstarter fulfilment and moreso, that we felt it right to ship all the pledges we had on record before completing the website and taking more direct orders. Now that wave 1 of Kickstarter shipping is complete (except for chasing missing parcels) we can focus on moving forward and providing the content and support that Dropfleet and Dropzone Commander players need.
This all new site has been completely recoded from the ground up and has been designed as a much improved platform for delivering content and support. The windows on the homepage will in due course feature information on upcoming tournaments and events, rules updates, multimedia content and downloads for both systems.
To start things off, we've been releasing the Building the Avenger video series, which will run for a full 20 episodes. In addition, expect to see new content for gamers and hobbyists on a regular basis in future. We are currently working on a range of exiting developments for our players - keep an eye out here for updates in the very near future!
4) Video Series
5) Some Upcoming Events
We have a range of upcoming events over the next few months where we would love to see as many of you as we can:
- Hammerhead (UK) - 4th March - & Demo Table
- Adepticon (USA) - 23rd-26th March - & Tournament
- Salute 2017 (London, UK) - 22nd April - & Demo Tables
- Carronade (Falkirk, UK) - 13th May - & Demo Tables
We hope you all enjoy the new website and that you're enjoying the games!
Kind regards
- The Hawk Wargames Team

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