Friday, 10 February 2017

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New Afterlife Characters Available

Time for a good old-fashioned duel! Ellenor Renard, lethal weapon of the Unity Council, squares up to Ellion Hesp, the uncompromising mercenary aligned to the Republic. We wouldn't want to place any bets...

Ellion and Ellenor are available separately, or together in this pack with an interlocking 3 part 'Duel' scenic base.
Fight the Duel Now

Character Rules Are Here!

Adding characters to a game of Afterlife is a great way to add a new dynamic and have some epic showdowns, be it sword to sword combat or the hero that just won't die!
Check out the free PDF to help choose which ones you want to field. 
Download the PDF (3.66MB)

Buy a Faction Character Pack - Save Over 30%!

We've created a couple of great bundle deals, with all of the currently available Characters from each faction. It's a huge deal that saves over 30% on the price of buying them separately! 
Shop Characters
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