Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Warlord Games Newsletter

Warlord Games Wednesday Newsletter

Welcome to the Warlord Games Wednesday Newsletter, featuring all this week's hobby activity and latest articles.

Bolt Action Extremes - The Cold

Need a hand in getting those Battle of the Bulge Germans just right? Check out these amazingly painted models!

And The Hot

In today’s head to head, Andy Singleton takes a look at the American build M3 Stuart/Honey, and its desert rival, the Italian M13/40.

Into Battle!

Game Play:
Writer Graham Davey takes us through the gameplay and provides the rules as a FREE pdf download!

What YuDo with NuHu

Learn more about the NuHu as Tim Bancroft meticulously picks them apart to describe their inner workings!
WMV Presents:
Let's have that monthly update from the WMV guys...

Want some answers?

Just for fun:
Check out if you managed to find all the words or curse at what now seems obvious!

Lets Make!

YouTube Video:
In this Let's Make, The Terrain Tutor continues his battlefield basics series with a collection of infantry obstacles!

Lets Play!

YouTube Video:
Anders and Damon return to the Pacific with this Bolt Action 2nd ed. battle report #10 - 1943: Pacific. "Australia vs Japan"
Build your Island hoping campaign with these superb deals and others now available in store today:

Nottingham UK This Weekend!

Come on in to the Warlord HQ store and events hall this Saturday to see the TTB Bolt Action Tournament in full swing and then spend your Sunday perusing the fine offerings (including seminars with some of the Industries best including - Rick Priestley, John Stallard, Gav Thorpe, Alessio Cavatore and Alan & Michael Perry) at the inaugural Red On Blue event here in Nottingham!

New Units!

With the Battle of the Bulge now here it's time to get your German and American forces equiped for the harsh winter conditions to be expected on the battlefields near you...
And if you've yet to get to grips with World War II gaming Bolt Action style then pick up a copy of Band of Brothers today! Includes all you need to begin 2 armies for 1944 Northern Europe plus rules, dice, counters, and scenery!
Or get to grips with the army of your choice with their own 'Armies Of' books. Containing all you need to be able to play, from your armies background to special rules, full unit listings with poins values, and army lists for specific theatres of war!
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