Tuesday, 14 February 2017

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Insider 2-8-2017: February Dynamic Update
 What an exciting time to be a member of the WARMACHINE® and HORDES community! We've recently announced that we’d be moving toward Community Integrated Development and removing cards from our packaged models so that we can make ongoing improvements to the games without hamstringing ourselves with physical products.
Given that this is our first true dynamic update, we wanted to make it clear that we’ve had our eye on Una the Skyhunter and The High Reclaimer for a while now. Although we didn’t manage to get them into our last set of errata, both models and the meta around them remained in the forefront of our minds. Now you have the opportunity to see what these dynamic updates will look like and how we hope to approach these kinds of issues in the future.
Insider 2-10-2017: Grind™ Conversion Ideas with Brendan

When Grind first came around a few years back, I wasn’t yet a wargamer or a hobbyist. The game sounded like it was right up my alley, but I had unfortunately missed the boat on finding games in my local area. So, when I heard it was returning, I couldn’t have been more excited! As a gamer, I love good rules, as a painter I love painting awesome models, and as a hobbyist I love creating those models to paint!
Conversions really help define the concept of your army, your way, and it’s an idea that definitely applies to Grind. Regardless of whether it’s a small tweak to a model you already love or a complete makeover for a particular model you want to stylize to your own vision, a conversion allows you to put your personal creative stamp on your tabletop army. I personally love making and seeing conversions of all types—it’s my favorite aspect of this hobby.
Hellslingers I: Mark of Caine
"You will move through this world as a wraith..."

In the aftermath of the Cygnaran civil war, warcaster® Allister Caine has become a fugitive, hiding out in a backwater town where little ever happens.

Until the bodies start piling up, and Caine is accused of murder. But Caine can't be entirely sure he's innocent.

With only a cryptic riddle whispered in his ear, a mysterious rune tattooed on his arm, and an unusual little girl by his side, Caine will need to stay one step ahead of the elite squad of hunters known as the Black 13th. As they close in, bent on bringing him to justice for crimes he might not have committed, Caine must unravel why everyone he's ever known is suddenly marked for death...and keep from becoming his own final victim.

PIP 611
MSRP $15.99 (Paperback) $7.99 (Digital)
Lock & Load 2017: Tickets on Sale Now!
Privateer Press® will be holding the 7th annual Lock & Load GameFest in Bellevue, Washington! Complete details for the events will be revealed in time.
Last year’s Lock & Load saw a lot of changes and additions to programming. Privateer Press gamers from around the world took part in tournaments, events, and the Iron Arena. This year we are adding even more! The action takes place July 14–16, 2017, at Meydenbauer Center in Bellevue, Washington. Every year the entire Privateer Press crew comes together for an amazing weekend full of games, hangouts, and fun!
Click the Lock & Load banner above or click here to book your tickets for the event!
To book your room at the special rate, call the hotel's number and mention Lock & Load, or click the link to book online.
Coast Hotel Bellevue —425.455.9444 or book online.
Courtyard Seattle (Marriott)—425.454.5888 or book online.
Hilton Bellevue—1.800.643.7907 or use code PRPCI and book online.
Red Lion Hotel Bellevue—1.800.733.5466 or use code LOCK0712 book online.
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