Saturday, 4 March 2017

Sarissa Precision March Newsletter

The latest new terrain from Sarissa Precision...
These brand new additions to our Japanese range and perfect for Test of Honour which is on full release in a few weeks. Get your board ready for and take advantage of the 10% discount on the full range including these new releases.
Our Algoryn Drop Fortress modules are now all available as single units so you can build your base slowly one unit at a time or expand your existing complex into something bigger and even more imposing.
While on the subject of Sci-Fi, we had the Algoryn Drop Fortress in January, the Boromite Mining Complex in February and March is going to see the Freeborn Trading Post released. A little teasing image but photos and releases to follow at the end of the month. Lots more to come for Sci-Fi - for instance April promises to be "Ghar-eat" - did you see what we did there?
The voucher winner for this issue is Thierry Deprez and his voucher is on the way to him as we send this newsletter out. A chance to win and keep up to date with our new releases and whats on the bench and coming soon, whats not to like about that.

The winner from last time decided to put it towards an Algoryn Drop Fortress and and it looks like his opponents are going to have some awesome terrain to fight over.
All references to Beyond the Gates of Antares by Warlord Games are © Copyright Warlord Games Ltd. 2017. Beyond the Gates of Antares, Beyond the Gates of Antares logo, Algoryn, Boromite, Lavamite, Isorian Shard, Concord, Ghar, NuHu and Freeborn are trademarks of Warlord Games Ltd. All rights reserved.
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