Saturday, 14 October 2017

Black Library - Newsletter

New in the Horus Heresy series courtesy of David Annandale and the Black Library...
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New Titles
David Annandale
Book 46 of the Horus Heresy

With Imperium Secundus a failed dream, the primarchs of the Triumvirate swear to reach Terra and defend the Imperium's heart. But danger awaits them, and their destinies are in their hands…

It's an explosive end to the Imperium Secundus storyline and sees the march to Terra – and that final battle – begin in earnest.
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Also available as an eBook which you can download and start reading now…
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…and an MP3 audiobook, perfect for listening to while you paint your own Space Marines.
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Black Library Weekender
With just a month to go until the event of the year, we can reveal the last few guests who'll be attending this year's Weekender, as well as more books that you'll be able to buy first at the event. Check out the details now – and grab your ticket – on the Black Library website.
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Warhammer art
Black Library on Warhammer Art
The fine folks at Warhammer Art have unveiled a load of new prints to buy using fabulous artwork from Black Library book covers. Titles includes 'Ghost Warrior: Rise of the Ynnari', 'Lorgar: Bearer of the Word' and more. Check them out now, exclusively on the Warhammer Art website.
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