Friday, 6 October 2017

Forge World - Newsletter

The Death Korps of Krieg return courtesy of Forge World...
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At Ease
In life, sacrifice. In death, peace.
Back by popular demand, the Death Korps of Krieg Infantry Squad at Ease makes for the perfect core to your own Death Korps army - mix them with the Advancing and Firing Infantry Squads for a range of poses. 
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Discipline the Death Korps
With a Commissar on your side, your Death Korps will be nigh-unbreakable even in the face of overwhelming odds.
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Leman Russ
Armoured Might of the
Astra Militarum
With a custom tank commander, trench rail and air filter, this Leman Russ makes for the perfect accompaniment to your Death Korps army. 
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Imperial Armour
Rules for your Death Korps
Pick up the rules for your Death Korps army, alongside datasheets for new tanks, Titans, Imperial Knights and more in Imperial Armour - Index: Forces of the Astra Militarum.
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The Horus Heresy
The Horus Heresy
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Age of Sigmar
Warhammer Age of Sigmar
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