Tuesday, 3 October 2017

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Word Bearers Vs. Death Guard?...FIGHT...
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New Titles
Vox Dominus
Marduk and his 34th Host attempt to claim a seemingly derelict Space Marine battleship, only to find their salvage contested by the rotting sons of Mortarion – the Death Guard.

It's a follow up to the popular Word Bearers omnibus and a chance to see what Marduk and his warriors are up to – and what happens when they are brought into conflict with another of the Traitor Legions!
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Warhammer Chronicles
Tales from the World That Was
War rages in the Mortal Realms, but the conflict between Order and Chaos, Death and Destruction goes back much further, to the world before time… Now, you can find hundreds of stories from those dark times collected together on Black Library's website. From the first great wars against Chaos to the End Times, these are the Warhammer Chronicles.

The range includes nearly 150 novels and over 80 Quick Reads, including some of Black Library's best loved series, such as Gotrek & Felix and the Chronicles of Malus Darkblade.
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