Tuesday, 3 October 2017

Games Workshop - Warhammer Community Roundup

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Your Warhammer Community News Roundup
Shadespire: October's Releases Confirmed!
Are you ready for the ultimate competitive miniatures game? Find out what you have to look forward to in October - including release dates for the first two expansions for the game. 
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Hammerhal Herald
The Hammerhal Herald: Adventurers Journey to Shadespire
We check in with the latest news from the Mortal Realms, taking a look this week at the City of Mirrors...
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Death Guard FAQ
New FAQs for the Death Guard and more
Download the latest rules updates and errata - changes to the thermal cannon, some corrections to Codex: Death Guard and other answers to your most frequently asked questions.
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Regimental Focus
Regimental Focus: Valhallan
Ice Warriors
The Valhallan Ice Warriors are utterly remorseless, capable of firing directly into close combat, recouping horrific losses and weathering heavy fire. Find out what this means for your Valhallans here:
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Regimental Focus
Regimental Focus: Vostroyan Firstborn
The Vostroyan Firstborn are equipped with some of the finest equipment in the entire Astra Militarum, combined with iron-hard discipline - check out their rules here:
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BL Weekender
The latest on the
Black Library Weekender
With fewer than 100 tickets left, don't miss out on your chance to attend the Black Library Weekender - meet authors, pick up the latest books before they're on general release and find out what's coming in 2018!
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Guy Haley
The Continuing Adventures of
Guy Haley’s Death Guard
Black Library author Guy Haley's army continues to grow. Check out which units he's added to his army and how he painted them here:
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Rumour Engine
This week's Rumour Engine
Put your deductive skills to the test with this week's rumour engine. It's a preview of an upcoming release, but which one?
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