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Last Weekend for Free Postage!

Last Few Tickets Remaining!

Our 10th Birthday Bash is in less than 2 weeks. For seminars, deals, participation games, this is the place! Plus you can come and join John Stallard, Rick Priestley, Paul Sawyer, Andy Chambers, Alessio Cavatore and more as they chat and share what's in the pipeline. We've even teased a few of our offers below...

Latest Campaign Book!

New Bolt Action Campaign Book Road To Berlin
With broken men, rent armour and a last stand mentality, the Third Reich's final moments are captured within the latest Bolt Action campaign book: The Road to Berlin.

Norman Invasion!

Hail Caesar Norman Bundle
Descendant from the ferocious Vikings, they've traded their taste for battle for more civilised European ways. Their appetite for conquest brought them to the shores of England, putting an end to Anglo-Saxon rule.
Hail Caesar Norman Heavy Infantry B
Hail Caesar Norman Heavy Infantry A
Equipped with chain mail and shields, these heavy infantrymen are the ideal choice to take the brunt of your opponents attack.
Hail Caesar Norman Unarmoured Cavalry B
Hail Caesar Norman Unarmoured Cavalry A
Sacrificing armour for added agility, these cavalry units are mostly suited for flanking or dealing with unprotected artillery or archery units.
Hail Caesar Norman Archers
With enough arrows, this archery unit can certainly make any opponent fall, especially those foolish enough to stay in their sights for too long.

Antares Support!

Gates of Antares Freeborn Compression Cannon
Obliterate enemy armour with the new Freeborn Support team with Compression Cannon.
Gates of Antares Boromite Heavy Mag Support
Providing superior fire support, the new Boromite Heavy Support team with Mag Heavy Support keeps your enemies pinned.

Chindit Forces!

Bolt Action British Chindit Bundle
Officially known as long penetration groups, the Chindits were special ops units responsible for the success of the Burma campaign.
Bolt Action British Chindit Characters
Bolt Action British Chindit HQ
Bolt Action British Chindit Light Mortar & Flamethrower Team
Bolt Action British Chindit PIAT & AT Teams
Bolt Action British Chindit Medium Mortar Team
Bolt Action British Chindit Medium Machine Gun Team

Incoming Radio Chatter...

In this episode, Rift Tech Radio go through the background and summarise what's happened where. Providing thoughts on how you may wish to use these events to create campaigns or guide force choices.

Master the Sword - Soon!

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