Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Games Workshop - Warhammer Community Roundup

A Warhammer Community Roundup courtesy of Games Workshop...
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Your Warhammer Community News Roundup
Shadespire with 3-4 players
With two players, Shadespire is an intense battle of strategic wit and tactical skill - with two more, the game takes on a whole new dimension. Find out about playing Shadespire with 3-4 players here:
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Blood & Glory
Shadespire at Blood & Glory
Want your chance to compete in one of the first Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire matched play events in the world? Find out how here....
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Play Through
WATCH: See Shadespire in action
Find out the results from the Games Workshop Staff invitational Shadespire tournament, then see how to play with Watch it Played's demo. 
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Citadel Paint
The Citadel Paint app: Updated and better than ever!
Check out the new features of the Citadel Paint app - new colours, models, functionality and more!
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Blood and Glory
What is Blood & Glory?
Blood & Glory is an event aimed at all kinds of Warhammer fans, with matched play tournaments, seminars, and more. Read all about it and get your ticket here:
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Kitbashing your own Free City army
Making your own Free City is easier than ever, with a wealth of background and rules to draw on. Check out some of our favourite conversions from hobby masterminds Duncan and Chris to inspire your own creations:
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Top 7 Tips for playing Death Guard
We've gathered our top tips for playing with the servants of the Plague God - from whom to ally with, to how to use your units, to which characters you need in your army:
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Rumour Engine
Can you guess what it is?
Check out this week's Rumour Engine, and let us know if you can work it out on the Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000 Facebook pages.
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