Thursday, 26 October 2017

Games Workshop - Warhammer Community Roundup

A Warhammer Community Roundup courtesy of Games Workshop...
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Your Warhammer Community News Roundup
News on Necromunda
An official release date, a new Facebook page and website, and more - get the latest news about the game of gang warfare in the 41st Millennium and prepare to journey into the underhive again!
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Armies on Parade
Parade week has begun
Get down to your local store and check out this year's awesome Armies on Parade entries, or get involved yourself!
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New FAQs and Errata for the Astra Militarum
Are all Leman Russes created equal? Can an Ogryn Bodyguard have an Ogryn Bodyguard of his own? Do the Death Korps get a Regimental Doctrine? All these questions and more are answered in our FAQ...
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Codex: Craftworlds previews
The Craftworlds codex is now on pre-order - get to grips with the latest rules with our previews, including new Craftworld Attributes, powerful rules updates and more. 
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Tank Week
Fight for the Space Marines in World of Tanks Blitz
Ever fancied piloting a Predator for yourself? Try it out in World of Tanks Blitz! Find out more and check out an exclusive free short story from Gav Thorpe here:
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Tank Poll
What's YOUR favourite tank?
Got a favourite tank in the 41st Millennium? Want to make your voice heard? Let us know with the official Warhammer Community tank survey and make sure your tank wins!
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Join the

Gaming stores across the world are joining in with Macragge’s Thunder on the tabletop. Find out where you can take part and lead your tanks to victory.
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Dawn of War
Dawn of War III: The Endless War Update
Dawn of War III has just seen a massive update! Find out more (and help us judge our Gabriel Angelos painting competition) here.
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Our Warbands
Duncan's Stormcast Eternals
Duncan is very excited about Shadespire and couldn't resist converting his Stormcast Eternals - and giving them a typically awesome paint job to match - check it out here.
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Warhammer Quest
The End Times comes to Warhammer Quest
The much awaited sequel to Warhammer Quest has landed, plunging adventurers into the midst of the apocalyptic End Times. Find out more and download the game here:
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Made to Order


Don't miss out on your chance to pick up this week's Made to Order Aeldari, including the Rogue Trader Farseer and the ultra-rare Bonesinger - get them now!
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