Friday, 13 October 2017

Warlord Games - Friday Newsletter

Warlord Games usual Friday newsletter...
A few of you may have noticed that our articles and events pages have been up and down lately! There's no need to worry, just a few cheeky gremlins hiding in the system! We've sent our top-tier IT team into the depths of the Warlord system to kick these gremlins out!

Thank you for your understanding and patience!

This Weekend!

Our 10th Birthday Bash is this weekend! For seminars, deals and participation games this is the place! Plus you can join John Stallard, Rick Priestley, Paul Sawyer, Andy Chambers, Alessio Cavatore and more as they chat and share what's in the pipeline.

Special Offers At Our Retail Store This Birthday Weekend!

Old favourites will be here (for this weekend only) from years gone by - including (left to right) The Last Stand, Into the Valley of death, Dick Winters, Kurt Knispel, & Hopeless Position. Be quick as they won't be hanging around!

Tickets Available At The Door!

Order yours today and bring proof of purchase or grab them when you arrive as tickets will be available in store on the day. Doors Open at 10am!
Get your paint brushes ready! Click on the image above to download what you need to know about our painting competition!
Unsure how to make your way? No need to fret! The image above contains a handy PDF that will assist you with the necessary travel information.

All these products will be available this weekend at our birthday bash!

The Unrelenting Elite! Uncompromising and well-equipped, the soldiers of the Waffen-SS struck fear into the heart of many of their Allied opponents, as will these new plastic Waffen-SS Grenadiers!
The King is in the house! Ruling the European battlefields with a steel fist, the new plastic King Tiger is ready for its fearsome debut...
Complete your army! Clad in their trademark camouflaged uniforms and displaying a tenacity and zeal bordering on the fanatical, the Waffen-SS were dangerous opponents in both attack and defence.
Call in the artillery! Provide close-range support for your advancing forces with the new LeIG 18 7.5cm light infantry gun, manned by the elite forces of the Waffen-SS!
Devestating barrage! Launching its massive 150mm calibre shell, the SIG 33 15cm heavy howitzer obliterates your opponents!
Sitting in Comfort. Ready to roll onto your battlefields, give your Hanomag that iconic touch with the seated Waffen-SS Squad!

Strike Fast!

Speed Kills... Dash towards your enemy and blitz through their backline with the new Isorian Pulse Bike Squad.
Buy Now
Nebelwerfer 41
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Soviet Infantry
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Last Levy
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Panther Ausf A
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Siberian Veterans
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SS Charlemagne
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Assault Engineers
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Coming soon...

All Warlord Games products are available from our online store or by calling +44 (0)115 978 4495. Our products ship worldwide.

Alternatively you can be all retro and actually write to us at:

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