Monday, 9 October 2017

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A new Horus Heresy story from Guy Haley and the Black Library...
A new to eBook Horus Heresy story by Guy HaleyView in web browser
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New Titles
Laurel of Defiance
The Laurel of Defiance
Guy Haley
Lucretius Corvo is to be honoured for his heroism with the Laurel of Defiance – but dare he defy his primarch and voice his doubts about the new Imperium Secundus?

This story from Guy Haley – available as a stand-alone eBook for the first time – sees the war take a pause (though there's still plenty of action in flashbacks!) as the ruling triumvirate of Imperium Secundus honour the warriors of the Ultramarines who have stood in defence of their realm.
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Imperium Secundus
Imperium Secundus
The complete tale of Roboute Guilliman's new Imperium
A bold attempt to create a safe haven in the heart of a war-torn galaxy, Imperium Secundus was Roboute Guilliman's greatest work – and biggest mistake.

This digital bundle collects the whole story of this deadly experiment across four novels, eleven Quick Reads and three audio dramas. It's the perfect way to catch up before the release of 'Ruinstorm' and the start of the next chapter for Guilliman, Sanguinius and the Lion.
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Mortaion's Heart
Mortarion's Heart
L J Goulding
The Grey Knights are humbled on the plains of Kornovin by the daemon primarch Mortarion, and reluctant Grand Master Kaldor Draigo is hurled towards a most unlikely destiny... L J Goulding turns an intriguing nugget of background from a Grey Knights codex into a heart-rending tale of loss and revenge featuring Mortarion himself. Oh, and when we say "heart-rending", we mean that somewhat literally…
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