Sunday, 1 October 2017

Wreck and Ruin - Kickstarter News

Some news on the soon to be launched Wreck and Ruin Kickstarter...

Ok, I should have done this earlier

but I'm just one man, on a mission to make this game a reality! I've been working hard on the campaign video and the page itself to make sure I show off all the cool things in the game -the problem is there's too much! I will be sharing a link to the preview page on facebook soon, so be sure to keep an eye out for that.

Not long now...

3rd October I push the button. What happens after that?  - I don't know. I'm excited. And scared. But mostly excited. I think.
One thing for sure is that I'm proud to be here, to be doing this now. I hope that I can prove that having a dream and working hard can make anything possible! But I can't do it without you guys, who have played the game or want to - so thank you to all my wasteland warriors, let's finish what we started!


Awesome feedback!

I sent the game to the Polyhedron Collider podcast, and I'm glad to say they loved it! You can listen to their latest podcast to hear what they have to say, or alternatively see what Steve wrote here.

Movie trailer voices!

Do you listen to podcasts? I was recently on We're not Wizards and we talked about my game and mechanics. Sometimes in movie trailer voices. Add it to your list of things to listen to!
Hope you're excited, put the date in your diary - it's gonna be huge!
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