Saturday, 7 October 2017

Games Workshop - Newsletter

New Games Workshop releases...mainly Death Guard of course...
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Plague Marines
The rotten core of Nurgle's Legion
Round out your army with the line infantry of the Death Guard, armed with a brand new kit designed to let you customise your Plague Marines more than ever before. Equip yours with new wargear, including bubotic axes and the heavy plaguespewer.
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Plague Champion
Command your Plague Marines
Looking to add some variety to your Plague Marines units? This alternative Plague Champion is packed with detail and makes for an excellent leader for any of your units.
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Sinister scientist
Make your Death Guard
even deadlier
With the help of this sinister scientist, your Plague Marines will be able to devastate your foes with a barrage of enhanced blight grenades.
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Icon Bearer
Herald of Nurgle's Blessing
If you're looking for a characterful way to show your squads' allegiance to Nurgle, this alternative Icon Bearer is perfect for adding to your Plague Marines.
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A tale and a Titan hunter
Devastate enemy Titans with the volcano cannon and learn about how the Shadowsword fights with this book and tank bundle.
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A Baneblade and a book
Get your hands on this legendary Lord of War and read all about it in Guy Haley's "Baneblade".
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Death Guard
The easy way to start your Death Guard
With a Battalion Detachment's worth of models, including vehicles, infantry and characters, this is the simplest way to get your hands on a diverse and powerful force. 
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Crush your foes. Conquer a realm. Build an empire.
You've built your army - now build a kingdom for them. In Firestorm, you'll be able to play rich multiplayer map campaigns, building fortifications and upgrades and battling for control of ancient relics. With a campaign map, markers and full rules, setting up and playing is easy. There are also 10 powerful new allegiance abilities covering every Grand Alliance.
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