Thursday, 5 October 2017

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10th Birthday
Our 10th Birthday Bash is in less than 2 weeks. For seminars, deals, participation games, this is the place! Plus you can come and join John Stallard, Rick Priestley, Paul Sawyer, Andy Chambers, Alessio Cavatore and more as they chat and share what's in the pipeline. We've even teased a few of our offers below...
Box Deal
ToH Box Deal
Blister Deal
Black Powder
Francesco Thau has been painting again - this time with our Napoleonic Highlanders. 
Highlanders Regiment
Waterloo Starter
Bolt Action
Borgward Wanze
The Borgward Wanze LG401 has been built from scratch by Jakob Lotz and we just had to share it! Jakob has kindly written a guide for it...
Tabletopbattle recreates the events of July 12th 1943, the Battle of Kursk! See their battle report here...
Blood Red Skies
Blood Red Skies
Battle of Britain
Stater Set
66th Nomads
Ian Ackerman shares his 66th Nomad Division with you! Learn the origins of this deadly force...
Battlefield Showcase
Upon searching the Test of Honour Facebook group for some well-painted models, we spotted a fantastic board! 
Theme a tournament army
The Konflikting Opinions blog brings a new article on how to theme a tournament army for Konflikt '47!
Bolt Action Grand Tournament
Derby Worlds
October Events
November Events

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