Sunday, 29 October 2017

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Some new factions for Shadespire from Games Workshop...
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Expand your game with the Deathrattle
Defend Shadespire with the Sepulchral Guard, or arm your warband with 60 unique cards offering ploys, objectives and upgrades to suit your play style.
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Ironskull's Boyz
Diversify your deck with Ironskull's Boyz
Conquer Shadespire with Ironskull's Boyz, and build powerful new decks with 29 faction specific cards and 31 new ploys, upgrades and objectives for any warband. 
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Sepulchral Guard Sleeves
Keep your deck safe with these card protectors, specially designed to match your Sepulchral Guard warband. Includes 12 objective sleeves, 20 power card sleeves and 7 character sleeves.
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Ironskull's Boyz Sleeves
Armour your cards to be as tough as your warband with these Ironjawz themed protectors, including 12 objective sleeves, 20 power card sleeves and 4 character sleeves.
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Match your dice to your favourite warband
Deathrattle Dice
Deathrattle Dice
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Ironjawz Dice
Ironjawz Dice
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Khorne Dice
Khorne Bloodbound Dice
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Stormcast Dice
Stormcast Eternals Dice
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Shadespire Collection
The Ultimate Shadespire Collection
Master Shadespire with every warband, over 200 cards to build your dream deck, card sleeves and four sets of themed dice. 
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Gundabad Orcs
Gundabad Orc Warband
The Orcs of Gundabad are among the most brutal and disciplined of their kind - add a warband's worth of these cruel warriors to your Evil army (and save some money!) with this collection. What's more, you can customise your Orcs and add new weapons and armour with the Forge World upgrade set!
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White Dwarf
White Dwarf in the palm
of your hand
Order your copy of White Dwarf for news, previews, painting guides, battle reports and much more. Now you can download White Dwarf Digital on your phone for all the same great content as the print edition of White Dwarf, specially formatted to be easy to read on smaller devices.  
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