Tuesday, 26 December 2017

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The Age of Darkness rule-book is finally here from Forge World...
Happy Christmas from Forge World!View in web browser
Age of Darkness
Your definitive guide to gaming in the Age of Darkness
The Age of Darkness rulebook is finally here! This volume features the rules from 7th edition - updated with FAQs and reference material specific to the Horus Heresy rules. Order your copy today and we'll send you some handy summary sheets for free!*
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Age of Darkness ePub
The Age of Darkness on
your dataslate
Pick up the full and unabridged Horus Heresy Age of Darkness Rulebook in epub and enjoy your complete guide to gaming in the 31st Millennium, specially formatted to be easy to read and accessible on your tablet or mobile. 
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Rules Collection
The Horus Heresy Complete Rules Collection
All the rules you need for gaming in the 31st Millennium, including the Age of Darkness rulebook as well as army books for the Space Marine Legions, Mechanicum Taghmata and Crusade Imperialis.
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40k Bestsellers
War machines and more
from the 41st Millennium
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Age of Sigmar Bestsellers
Mages and monsters of the
Mortal Realms
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