Monday, 11 December 2017

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A brief newsletter from Hasslefree Miniatures...

What Should Kev Make?
So, we had over 500 suggestions! We've pored over tham and chosen the ones we like to create the below poll.

Whichever idea wins the poll will become our final Winter Challenge mini :)
The Choices
Go to THIS THREAD to vote, simply like the post then reply to it with your choice of A, B, C etc.

(If you really want to you can also list second, third etc, just in case there's a tie I will check back through but the odds of a tie are quite slim :) )

- A female fantasy Arabian version of the male in the challenge, fully clothed, weapons, robes etc.

B - Dieselpunk Boudi - a steampunk mechanic version of Boudi with liberty roll hair and a 1940s vibe

C - A fantasy female warrior with a tall, muscular, bodybuilder physique, minimal armour/clothing to show off the physique. Choice of heads for human and half orc.

- A Dragonman, similar to dragonborn from D&D. pointy plate armour, pointy shield, big pointy sword.

E - A classic crusader knight. tabard over chain, longsword, big shield, choice of heads, open and full classic crusader flat topped helmet. If you vote F, then add male or female as your choice :)

F - A fantasy version of General Guan Yu. Period dress/armour, polearm etc.
Share the Love - Final Hour of Goblin/Troll Kickstarter
A sculptor friend of ours (He made this) has been running an excellent Kickstarter for some amazing goblins and trolls. Timing has worked out that it's literally down to it's final hour and final stretch goal!

Last chance to quickly jump on board :)
And Finally...
Winter has struck our small corner of the world, so we're now having to contend with snow, and flooding and all kinds of things. It's not 'too' bad at the moment though, so we're just inconvenienced/slowed a little. Weather forecast for tonight is equally grim though so we'll see how it goes tomorrow.

There's some updates over on the Kickstarter including some WIPs of the snow leopards and other info.

The Pledge Manager is still open, we'll be closing it in the New Year still and then those of you who uhmmed and ahhed too long will have to wait a few more months at least until we start releasing these minis in general (And you'll have to pay fuill price! ;) )

I really want to see The Disaster Artist, I just can't find time between work and Star Wars comes out this week too! *mutter*

The Punisher however was great :D

Oh, keep an eye on Kev's artist page this week as the first WIPs of the other challenge minis should see light of day. You may notice that he decided to make 'something else' instead this past week thanks to a senior moment :)

That's it, 'til next time,


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