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Warlord Wednesday News & Hobby 13th December 2017
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British Konflikt '47 Starter Set
British Konflikt '47 Starter Set
United States Starter Army
United States Starter Army
Caesarian Roman Starter Army
Caesarian Roman Starter Army
Blitzkrieg Panzergrenadiers
Blitzkrieg Panzergrenadiers
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Hobby Time!

Bolt Action Website
Waffen SS Winter Guide
Winter SS guide:
As it snows outside, learn to paint your SS ready for the winter!
Russian Group Conversion
Russian Conversion:
Jason Buffin shares this vignette he has created with inspiration from a book by Osprey!
Building & Painting Plastic walls tutorial
Painting Stone Walls:
Watch this quick-fire guide on how to paint Warlord's Stone Walls and prepare for new scenery days in the New Year at Warlord HQ.
Stone Walls
Anti Tank Obstacles
Beyond the Gates Of Antares Nexus website
Algoryn Blue Devils:
Discover the background to this 500 point Algoryn force called 'Scout Force Torak' from community member Shimond...
Boromite Hauler
The Boromites have a new transport...the Hauler!
Boromite Hauler
Boromite Work Gang
Antares Scenario Highlight
Scenario Highlight:
Adam Murton shares his competition winning "Bronvar" scenario!
Doctor Who - Into the time vortex
Judoon Conversion
Judoon Conversion:
Converted to work with the Fisher King on the Table Top, these Judoon look great!
Judoon Box Set
Doctor Who Exterminate with Davros and Missy bundle

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Gangs Of Rome collection
Prepare for combat in the ultimate arena - Rome! Gangs Of Rome is coming early 2018 and is looking like a highly addictive and innovative game system. Keep an eye out for more information on this fast-paced & brutal game soon...
In the meantime - order your gang from the choice of the two below and get everything you need to fight your way to the Senate!
Gangs Of Rome - Odd Guys
GoR Odd Guys
Gangs Of Rome - Even Guys
GoR Even Guys
Gangs of Rome coming 2018

Coming early 2018...

Panzer 38t Zug New Release Preview
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