Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Hasslefree Miniatures - Newsletter

A Christmas newsletter from Hasslefree Miniatures...

Merry Christmas You Wonderful Old Building and Loan!
Best Christmas Movie Ever!

(Stop shouting Die Hard at your computer screen, it's still weird)
Happy Holidays Everyone, whatever you may or may not celebrate.
Truth be told, this year, I have nothing. We've been 'so' busy the last 2 months, starting with my surgery then running through Halloween, Black Friday and the Kickstarter Fulfillment that I haven't had a single day to sort anything at all for Christmas so for Christmas this year I get ... a rest :)

We never really do 'nothing' though, so for those of you who are thinking about it...
Free Minis for Everyone! ...
... who makes an order over Christmas.

(Is that mean? I'm tired and full of christmas cheer so I can't tell)
Yup, everyone who makes any kind of order while we're closed will get a Christmas Present from Hasslefree. We'll try to match it to your order but if you like you can make sure you get the right genre by mentioning it in the comments section.
Every order will get something, even if you just order a sheet of stickers or some bases. Why? Because we're awesome that's why! 

We're awesome enough that if you ordered, very strangely, yesterday or something, then you also qualify :)
Christmas Minis
Our Christmas minis are back, including the 2 variants of Santa Libby, Party Kev and Newton the very tiny Elf :)
No Paige this year, her initial run sold out, so we have to do another one, look out for her in 2018!
And Finally...
Uhm... nothing! Absolutely Nothing. We're closed!
I am about to sit and play an xbox game until I fall asleep cos I haven't had a chance to do that in over 6 months!
Oh, as I've mentioned in the last 6 newsletter, on Facebok about 8 times and it's on the front of the website, do 'not' email the admin email address until 2018. It's jampacked with spam right now and I've been too busy to fix the settings etc so if you need anything use bwartemis at gmail dot com, please! :) I've also been too busy to even send despatch notifications so some of you are gonna get weird ones over this christmas break after your order showed up a week ago :D

Right, Xbox butt groove time!
'til next time,

Oh! I Almost forgot! Last Jedi is 'good', go watch the originals for the first time in decades if you thought it wasn't ;)

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