Friday, 8 December 2017

Mantic Games - Weekly Newsletter

New releases from Mantic Games and some Black Friday and Christmas related announcements...

Before we get started - an important announcement.The Warehouse Team is currently extremely busy dispatching orders from Black Friday and Christmas. This means that your order may take up to a week to be dispatched. We're working as quickly as possible to have everything sent out in time for Christmas, so if you want to order something in time - make sure you stick to the final shipping dates for this year at the end of this newsletter. Look for your country and get your order in in time!

With that over with, this month you can get your hand on three great new resin miniature (or not so miniature, as the case may be) sets for Kings of War - the greater and lesser Fire Elementals and the awesome Vampire Lord on Undead Dragon... one of the biggest models we've ever made!

The Greater Fire Elemental is a towering flame construct that can be fielded by either the Forces of Nature or the Salamander Armies from Uncharted Empires. Since the Forces of Nature are a neutral army, this means you can ally these mighty beings alongside any other army - perfect if you want to take one of these alongside your Abyssals, for example.

They are quicker than their Earth counterparts on the tabletop, trading high defence for speed and aggression. That being said, they still have a high defence score of 5+ and Nerve stats of -/18, so they can take a considerable amount of punishment. In combat their 8 attacks have Crushing Strength (4) - enough to shatter any armour, plus they can use Breath Attack (6) in the shooting phase. Basically, get them close to either disrupt or challenge the enemy head on, but beware that like all Elementals, they are still Shambling and will need a mage with Surge nearby to keep up.
As with the Greater Fire Elemental, the Fire Elementals can be taken in either a Forces of Nature army, or a Salamanders Army. No matter the choice, Elementals are a popular choice in both of these forces.

Like their larger brethren, these Elementals benefit from extra speed and a higher Crushing Strength than the other varieties, making them a good choice for an aggressive unit. They still have defence 5+ so will take some punishment, but they will always need to be supported - especially due to their Shambling rule. That said, a horde of 6 of these creatures can hit like a freight train (that's on fire).
The Vampire Lord on Undead Dragon is dangerous hero for the forces of the Undead.

At 330 points, they aren't a cheap option, but they combine the abilities of both the winged mount and the Vampire Lord into one devastating package. They hit hard in combat with 10 attacks at melee 3+, with Crushing Strength (3) - so you can expect to deal out enough damage to take out regiments of lesser troops, while being resilient enough to survive and heal wounds with Lifeleech (2). They can also be upgraded to have ranged attacks, coming with Breath Attack (10) as standard, and being able to add Lightning Bolt (3), too.

Finally, they can act as a powerful linchpin for your army, with InspiringSurge and the option to add Heal, as well. Use these abilities to back up your main line and the mount's awesome speed to keep in range - or go for isolated targets. But, as I always say, don't send him out unsupported - unlike other characters a monster can be flank charged and suffer the penalties for that, so don't let that happen! Keep the dragon's rear protected.


Crazy Boxes - which are boxes filled with loads of great Mantic goodies at a low price - are available in limited numbers from the website now and will stay up until the New Year, or until they run out (which could happen very soon).

What's more, one extra special Mega Crazy box will include a Platinum ticket to have the lucky winner sculpted as a GCPS marine! This ticket has not yet been claimed, so it's still out there for one lucky soul to find. There are Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Mega Crazy Boxes available, so order now to avoid missing out!
Star Saga is here and to celebrate the arrival of this Sci-Fi Dungeon Crawler, we're dedicating the whole of next week to the game. You'll be treated to unboxings, gameplay videos, and even more content besides, so stay tuned to the Mantic blog!


These are the FINAL shipping dates for parcels over the Christmas period. If your order is placed after your country's date, then we cannot guarantee that it will arrive before Christmas day, although we will try to get it to you as quickly as possible.
  • UK Monday 18th December
  • Asia, Cyprus, Far East and Eastern Europe Tuesday 5th December
  • Caribbean, Central and South America Wednesday 6th December
  • Australia, Greece, New Zealand Thursday 7th December
  • Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Poland Tuesday 12th December
  • Canada, Finland, Sweden, USA Wednesday 13th December
  • Austria, Denmark, Iceland, Portugal, Netherlands, Norway, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland Thursday 14th December
  • Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg Thursday 14th December
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