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Twisted - A Steampunk Miniatures Game (Part Two) - The Servants of the Engine

If you use the words 'Steampunk' and 'Miniatures' in your sales pitch then you're going to get my attention...
...and with that in mind I pledged to Demented Games 'Twisted - A Steampunk Miniatures Game' Kickstarter. The pledge level I went for included the Twisted hard copy Rulebook Box Set and either three Starter Sets or two starter sets and some terrain pieces. Despite the terrain bits and pieces being very nice indeed I decided an extra starter set would be more to my liking.

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In the last article we looked at the Rulebook Box Set so now we're moving onto one of those three starter sets and later of the Kickstarter exclusives. First lets have some background...

Twisted is an immersive new tabletop skirmish game for 2 or more players, with a world-class range of 32mm miniatures representing your characters.

Set in an uniquely interesting steampunk universe, Twisted’s absorbing gameplay and linked story-driven missions create a real emotional connection between you and your characters on the tabletop. Every character has an original backstory and distinctive role within the Twisted universe: guiding them through our richly-developed environments and exciting encounters will have you on the edge of your seat and wanting more!

But beware the power of the Engine! The ever-present influence of the mysterious steampunk Engine pervades the world of Twisted. What makes playing Twisted excitingly unique is that the Engine itself brings a new and intriguing element to every encounter: the Eye of the Engine card deck and the unique ‘Favour of the Engine’ game mechanic give the Engine an active role in the actual gameplay.

Maintain the favour of the Engine to enjoy rich rewards, or tempt fate and risk it all!

The Servants of the Engine
Never before has The Engine felt the threat of humanity in the way it does currently. For centuries it has remained hidden, working its plans and moulding the world to become the one it perceives to be the best. Since the rise of Alchemancy and the Node’s discovery,
The Engine has had to defend itself and has called its Servants to its side.

The Servants of The Engine, lead by Nouveau, are determined to foil the plans of the Dickensians and keep the great power of The Engine safe from misuse - or at least what it sees as misuse. This is not to suggest there is not some division in the Servants Faction. The strict control The Engine wishes to impose on those that work for it rankles with some of its defenders. Gretel and Nightingale in particular rail against The List - which is slowly driving Launcelot insane - and they see Nouveau as cold and without concern for those he leads.

They know, however, that should Bill Psyches and Nancy gain control of the Node the results will be terrifying, so they are willing to work under Nouveau’s command for the moment until the threat is passed.

The Servants of the Engine - Stat Cards
Each character has their own double sided 'Stat Card' with the rear containing all the characters particular special rules. Each model also comes with an activation card (not shown).

Nouveau is The Engine’s personal representative, his conscience being almost wholly subsumed by The Engine's will. He is the nominal leader of the Servants of The Engine, but the other members of this alliance may see things differently.
Nouveau is fast and elusive in combat and can also harness no small measure of the mysteries of Alchemancy. He is a formidable opponent to his foes, and some say even to his allies.

Tesla is a brilliant, albeit slightly mad scientist. He has been influential in the development of the automatons known as the Gentlefolk and has mastered the art of mixing Steam Technology with Alchemancy. His ‘Tesla Staff’ and powered suit ‘Edison’ are but two examples of his work.
Tesla’s curiosity and desire for knowledge are beginning to lead him into danger, however. Against his better judgement, Tesla now finds himself serving the will of The Engine.

Bringing light to the darkness of London and healing the sick and wounded, Nightingale has been called by The Engine to help keep its Servants alive in the chaos of battle. She brings a glimmer of light into the dark and dank streets of London, healing the wounded and helping those in dire need.
Nightingale is an Alchemancer of some note and her wings allow her to flit from balcony to terrace, escaping the swirl of intense combat and lending her healing hand to aid the other Servants and bolster their abilities. She is determined to see Launcelot freed from his thrall, but first must discover the best means to do so.
All Gentlefolk are mechanised automatons that have varying measures of self determination. On occasion a Gentlefolk will go rogue and become self aware.
Some Gentlefolk turn to crime and robbery, using their speed and strength to great benefit. Some become muggers or burglars but some, such as the Gentlefolk Highwaywoman, roam the countryside around London robbing rich merchants and nobles who happen to pass by.

All Gentlefolk are mechanised automatons that have varying measures of self determination. Some are quite independent and able to make complex decisions whilst others are programmed to do repetitive simple tasks with unyielding effort.
The Stahlwerke Reichenbach #42 model is a large and very rugged unit. It is commonly used in heavy industry where great heat is involved. It has a specially hardened chassis and is possessed of great strength.

Early in the development of the Gentlefolk the military commanders of a number of countries took great interest in the work of the Stahlwerke Reichenbach. They saw the potential for a force of relentless soldiers that could fight effectively and had none of the political or moral problems that the loss of human soldiers could engender.
The Lancer is one such example of a military Gentlefolk which uses speed and strength to great advantage on the field of battle.

The Servants of the Engine - Artwork
Here's some artwork and painted pictures.

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