Monday, 11 December 2017

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December Malifaux releases courtesy of Leodis Games...
The new and exciting Leodis Games Newsletter.

Malifaux and More

Here are this months Malifaux new releases.

They're due out the week commencing the 18th so it's going to be tight getting them to you for Christmas.

But as ever, we'll do our best :)

And you know we'll keep you up to date with any changes in date or other randomness from Wyrd!

So which ones are you going to buy?


Undead centaurs anyone?

Alt. Hungering Darkness

Straight out of Lovecrafts nightmares.

The Beast Within & Ferdinand Vogel

It's a werewolf everyone!

Bone Pile

Dem bones, dem bones, dem green flaming bones!

The best PVC mats on the market.

Fantastic designs at amazing prices!

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Did you know we can get the entire Vallejo Range?
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